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Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
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 Just a Lazy Day

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Kazuo Sato

Kazuo Sato

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PostSubject: Just a Lazy Day   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:49 pm

Unlike previous days where it seemed like missions and fighting were everything to him, the Kumogakure jounin had just been hit with interesting news. His next mission would be one that he would carry out indefinitely; he would become a jounin sensei. Graduation was still weeks away, but it seemed that it was just right around the corner. Technically Kazuo would be legally responsible for these three little brats until they were chuunin, for that was when they really were able to branch out on their own. But protocol would probably have Kazuo stuck with them until they were at least jounin and ready to lead a team themselves. It would be the creamy-blond's first genin team and first mission not outside of the borders in a long time, so he had no idea what to truly expect. If it was anything like in the days of when he was a genin these kids were going to be in for a rough time. Hopefully though, Kazuo gained kind and loving genin who had nothing wrong with them and would listen to whoever was in power. Fat chance that would probably be. No, the typical genin nowadays seemed to be disobedient at every chance they had. Kazuo blamed the academy instructors, they were supposed to teach the wee little children not to do that. But of course that probably wasn't what was going on, and the teachers were probably just sitting around waiting until these brats graduated until they could shove off their problems onto the unsuspecting village jounin.

But of course, Kazuo would take that challenge and have the last laugh. He would vow to raise whatever genin he was stuck with to be the best genin that the village had ever seen. He would train them to be masters of their elements, the greatest team that had ever been graced upon a sensei! Of course his thoughts would only be a goal that might never be completed unless he gained his future student's trust. Kazuo never gained the trust of his jounin sensei and he was quite happy that he was now dead. He held him responsible for both of his teammate's deaths even if one wasn't even his fault. Kazuo didn't want to teach like his former sensei did, nor did he want to even think about his failed teacher. But if he didn't want to, then why was he? Most likely, Kazuo had nothing else to think about as he walked through the village he came to know and love as his own. He may of been born in Kirigakure with a different name, but the Sato was happier here than he ever would have been in the Hidden Mist village. His elemental affinities were up in question, his mother wasn't a ninja and his father gave him his bloodline techniques, so even though he was born a Kirigakure citizen, how did he have the genetic code most suitable for the village he was in? It must of been some type of genetics way down his family line, that was all that he was able to think of.

Finally Kazuo was sick and tired of walking and he found his way to a small bench fit for about three people in the park. The sun was shining bright and the clouds above were white and puffy. The jounin sat down and leaned back, sighing and taking in the fresh air that he had come accustomed to. His eyes closed slowly but the jounin remained on high alert. His village may be at peace right now, but a threat from within was always something that Kazuo looked out for. As the young civilians of the village mucked around about him, the sound was music to his ears. Maybe being stuck at home for a while wasn't necessarily a bad thing, even if he did have to watch over three little bratty genin. Maybe he should start training again, bring up his strength so that whenever he had to take on his genin for whatever training exercise he put them through he wouldn't tire out so quickly. Even though his last mission had taken quite a few months to complete, and that mostly consisted of running around, Kazuo was forced to take frequent breaks just to get by. But for now the blond jounin pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind and started his first lazy day in the longest time. Although he wouldn't mind it if someone came and interrupted him, Kazuo would honestly just sit there and do nothing all day. But of course, sitting and doing nothing was something that no one seemed to be able to do in any village.
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Just a Lazy Day
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