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Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso

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PostSubject: My Office   Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:51 pm

Rikumaru’s new office was much like any other Kage’s office. There was a desk in the center of the floor, which had four stacks of papers probably in need of filing. There was a rolling cart with a T.V. sitting directly on top, much like those that the Daimyo used. This mobile cart was placed quite lonely in the corner of said office. Behind the desk there was first a chair created with comfort in mind, used for when important, and yet strenuous paperwork was in need of doing. Behind the chair there was a large window, which gave view to the majority of the Kirigakure Village. From this vantage point alone much of the village could be seen by the Mizukage. Nothing about this office was out of the ordinary for an office setting, offices are generally dull, and lacking any type of unique aspect to them. Rikumaru wasn’t the type to bath in such a setting, as he wanted things to mimic the atmosphere of the Kurai Clan. That atmosphere would prove to be much more exciting and would facilitate the completion of more Kage work. If he had it has way, which he did, and would soon realize, he’d strip the office of its roof, and have it covered in glass rather than wood or brick. This was of course so he could see the stars and the darkened sky above at night time. It would grant him a nostalgic feeling about the times he missed being with the Kurai Clan. This was something he needed to indeed schedule. Not only would modifications be made to the roof, a new color scheme would also be necessary. And rather than a boring old wooden desk to do his work on, he would prefer a couch and a simple glass table. The space would be transformed into something of a lounge rather than a boring old office. The Mizukage, Rikumaru would move swiftly through the corridors that lead to the office door. Who accompanied him would be his new secretary. She was a lovely woman who carried a pen and pad, quickly jotting down Rikumaru’s thoughts as he said them out loud. These were of course the described plans of remodeling the office to suit his unique taste. As they walked soon approaching the door to the office that was opened by Rikumaru himself in his calm whisper of a voice he said, “I want the corridors entirely revamped. Remove them, and expand the size of the office. Schedule for the reconstruction of the roof TODAY! I want the roof removed and replaced with glass as soon as possible.”

The woman had no quarrel with the demands of the new Mizukage; nothing that Rikumaru stated would drastically alter the infrastructure of the building in its entirety. Only the guts of the building would be changed drastically. As Rikumaru entered the main part of his office, he would walk behind the desk, placing his crystal ball on a soft pillow. His vision of the new office was well in order, you could literally hear the construction taking place throughout the building, and soon enough it would be finished to his exact specifications.

Swiveling around in his chair, Rikumaru turned to see the priceless view of Kirigakure from the tallest tower of the entire village, his office. Despite the noise from the construction that was taking place, his mind was fluid with the thoughts of how these turn of events would play out. It was suggested by his secretary that it was time to assemble the troops and head out to battle so to speak. The Chuunin Exams was like a huge battle ground. Rikumaru could remember long ago when it was his time to take the Exams, he was so young and inexperienced then, but now he sits on a high perch as the leader of an entire village, ready to lead his own team of Genin to greatness. As these thoughts and feelings purged his body is then that the secretary would reenter the room. Rikumaru was expecting Kisho back any minute, and with him should be Kaya as well as Niklaus. From this point, he would proceed to lead his team away from Kirigakure, and to the place where the exams were to be held. Of course, Rikumaru
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My Office
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