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 Yato, Kamui

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PostSubject: Yato, Kamui   Yato, Kamui EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 8:14 pm

~The Basics~

First Name: Kamui
Last Name: Yato
Age: 19
Rank: Missing-Nin
Village: Kumogakure

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Clan: Yato
Kekkei Genkai: Akuma no Chi

~The Physics~

Clothing: A traditional Tangzhuan used in Chinese martial arts which sleeves reach his elbow and bottoms that reach the middle of his lower leg. Switches between all white, or a black top and beige bottom. When out in the sun, he will wrap his revealing skin with cloth.
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg

~The Traits~

Likes: Fighting, blood, destruction, smiling, food, laughing
Dislikes: People who try to ruin his fun, killing women, killing children, being hungry, Yato who disgrace their blood, sunlight.
Personality: Kamui loves his Yato blood more than anything else and lives his life being the very image of a monster. He seeks nothing but fighting and becoming stronger. He will hunt and kill anyone he finds to be strong and entertaining, even family and other Yato.
Despite these things, one could never tell Kamui's evil intentions, as he's very cheerful and naive. One could compare him to a devious child rather than a bad guy. He has a smile that never leaves his face, which he wears out of respect for those he
Kills. He doesn't enjoy killing women, as they have the potential to birth strong opponents, and he never kills children, as they may one day be powerful rivals.
Attitude: Kamui's attitude is always cheerful, but can also be sarcastic and insulting. Nevertheless, he's always happy.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: A purple umbrella made of strong steel.
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon:
Support Weapon:

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Taijutsu
  • Sub: Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Fire
  • Main: None
  • Sub: None

Special Characteristics: Unhumanly strong
Exceptionally durable (Can take massive damage and still fight as if he was at 100%)

Cannot use ninjutsu
Cannot use genjutsu
Rushes into fights without any strategy


B: 1

Name: Yato Knife
Rank: B
Type: Taijutsu

Chakra: 0
Damage Points: 50

Description: The Yato technique of putting their fingers together and their thumb pressed against their palm. Combined with their unhuman strength, their hands become as sharp as a blade, being able to cut and pierce just like a knife.

~The Story~

Umibouzu Yato (Father)
Kagura Yato (Little sister)
Housen Yato (Sensei, deceased)
Mother (deceased)


"Kamui...you will learn...that this road we Yato travel on leads no where."

In Kumogakure, a famous and well respected member of the fearsome Yato clan had just settled down with his newly wed wife. His name was Umibouzu, and he was considered to be one of two of the strongest Yato alive. He was known for taking down armies of men and standing on par with the Yato King Housen. But all that was behind him now. The Yato had made themself endangered due to their lust for battle. In order for the Yato to survive, they needed to fight a new battle. Not a battle with shinobi, covered with death and blood, but a battle against themselves. Umibouzu was ready to start this war. In time, Umibouzu and his wife had a son, who they named Kamui. They raised him lovingly, and never once mentioned the path of their clan. Kamui would become a new kind of Yato. A Yato who uses his strength to protect, not destroy.

"Hey stand back! It's a Yato! His family members will crush us if we mess with him!"
Kamui was always kind hearted and liked by everyone. The shinobi at the academy new what he was though, and had a certain fear of his father. So no matter what, Kamui always got good grades, as the instructors didn't dare to invoke the wrath of Umiboizu. Kamui's father had become a hunter nin for Kumogakure, and brought home good money, despite being gone for days sometimes. Life to Kamui was normal like any other kid's. The only difference was his strength. He would often break other kid's arms when lightly playing with them. It was all an accident and he was never punished though. Umibouzu gave very kind advice on his strength and how he should never use it for hurting others.

"Huh? You have the same eyes as...him...could you be...?"
Kamui's great strength and energy made missions very easy for him. He was placed in a 4 man cell with a girl and a boy, and a teacher, all with ordinary skills. Kamui couldn't help but feel like he was better than them, especially since he lacked ninjutsu and genjutsu. Missions were simply boring. He wanted something fun to do. Every day was the same: Do one or two D missions. Go home and cook dinner. Take care of his 8 year old sister for his sick mother. Wait by the door, hoping father would come home that day. When Umibouzu was finally home, Kamui would often ask him to teach him some cool things. He knew his father was feared, and he thought it would be awesome to be just as powerful. But Umibouzu often came up with some bad reason not to. He didn't want to train him, out of fear that his son would become a monster like him. Kamui continied his life as a Genin monotnously until one day when he went out grocery shopping. After buying bread, he turner around and bumped into something, and fell down. He looked up to see a giant behemoth of a man. He seemed to be in his 50's, but he was heavily muscled. His muscles had muscles. He had a very powerful jaw and slicked back white hair. He had a scowl that scared Kamui. Yet, he held out his hand and helped the boy up. "Ah. Sorry about that mister! Hey...your carrying an umbrella that looks just like Father's..." Kamui said. The man looked surprised and looked at Kamui. He had eyes that filled him with nostalgia and memories, memories of 3 days of nonstop fighting with one single man. Could this boy be...? "Hey boy. You carry an umbrella too. Your a Yato as well. Who is your father?" Kamui questionably responded, "My father? Umibouzu Yato...why?" The large man smiled and got goosebumps. "My name is Housen Yato. I'm an old friend of your father's." He walked away, strangely happy. "Boy. There will come a time when you will seek the power of your clan. When that time comes, you will find your father useless. But I, on the other hand, will turn you into a true Yato." Kamui didn't fully understand this man, and hurried home to make dinner.

"We are the Yato! The most bloodthirsty tribe of animals ever to walk the Earth! And you, are the very image of us!
Chunin Exams- Kamui participated in the Chunin Exams after a year of being a Genin. He was excited. There would be much more entertaining missions as a Chunin. He passed through everything, but even with his strength, he was almost defeated in the preliminaries. It clicked in Kamui's head that he was definitly not the strongest. He needed someone to train him before the Finals. He remembered that man he met a while back. So he left the house for a bit, telling Umibouzu he was going to train by himself alone outside the village. But when he got out, he tracked down the man known as Housen Yato and eventually found himself in the man's catsle like tower, in the middle of a place called Yoshiwara. Yoshiwara was home to hundreds of rouge shinobi who had flocked to Housen in search of power. Kamui had to fight his way through to actually get there. It was underground and every light was artificial. It was like a Yato's dream land. Housen welcomed Kamui with a smile and they immediately started training. In the month, Housen taught Kamui Gung-Fu and the history of the Yato. The true bloody history and the curse they burdened. In a month, Kamui turned from the Yato boy who held back his power to the Yato who adored his Yato blood and enjoyed killing. In the Finals, Kamui did not simply defeat his opponents. He injured and toyed with them, and finally killed them, to the horror of the spectators. He even almost killed his own team mate before being stopped by the proctors. Kamui became a Chunin. And a monster.

"Papa! Stop! Please don't kill onee-san!"
Umibouzu truly feared the development of his son. He was already much more powerful than he was himself at that age. He didn't notice at first, but Kamui began to smell of blood and death. It was horrifying. Had he failed as a parent? Kamui continued his lessons with Housen, becoming prouder and prouder of his heritage as he became more powerful. Housen would often send rouge shinobi out to attack Kamui during his time off, so he didn't get sloppy. And he didn't just send a squad. He sent small armies. But none of them ever returned. Housen was beyond satisfied with his pupil. Kamui was ready to fulfill his role as a full on Yato. He would do it through an old tradition; father killing. Umibouzu walked past Kagura's room at night to hear Kamui tucking her into bed.
"Onee-san! Do you think you could take me to the park tommorow? Papa is always to busy with work and mama is sick...I feel like I only have you..." she said.
"Kagura...I'll see about it. I don't want to say this but I'm going to be gone for a while. Your big bro is about to enter a really different time in his life. Fathers gonna be gone too. Your 11 years old now. I need you to take care of Mother." Kamui stood up. Kagura asked where he and father were going but he just walked towards the door.
"Your a member of the Yato clan Kagura. You'll learn one day. You might hate me soon but just remember, your big bro loves you."
"I'll never hate you onee-san..." Kagura said as she fell asleep. Kamui smiled and walked out, to see his father looking confused.
"What exactly are you telling Kagura? Where are you going now?" Umibouzu asked.
"Father. All my life you've been trying to shelter me and protect me from our Yato blood. But it's nothing to be afraid of. Its a gift that your wasting by trying to create a peaceful weak family."
Kamui rushed at Umibouzu and tore off his arm. Umibouzu had no choice but to fight back. The house was destroyed as was all the other homes around it. The fight was destructive but soon Kamui was losing. Umibouzu was stopped by arms hugging him. It was Kagura pleading for him not to kill Kamui. Umibouzu looked down to see his son half concious in a pool of blood. He wasn't trying to stop Kamui. He was trying to kill him. Ashamed, Umibouzu fled from the scene, determined not to return until he could control his Yato instincts and be a better father. Kamui left the next morning, despite his injuries. He had no intention of returning. It was time for him to pursue his goal of becoming the strongest and most feared Yato. Family, friends, and loyalty to a village was a sign of weakness. He'd display his new growing strength my taking the life of his former teacher.

Yoshiwara. Once a haven for criminals and violence, it had completely changed in the 4 years Kamui had been away from it. It was now a giant underground paradise for men. There were female escorts, booze, and no sun. It was always night time, but the mini-city never slept. Most escorts there were sold into slavery, and the best life they could hope for was to be promoted to Yoshiwara Kunoichi, where they upheld the law, beat up men with no money, and killed anyone trying to escape. They obeyed the orders of their ruler, the king and founder of Yoshiwara, Night King Housen Yato. Housen ruled and enslaved these women with his Yato strength, and spent his time drinking and sleeping with women. There was one woman who Housen didn't allow anyone to see. He idolized her, but scorned her. He loved but hated her. What had happened to the man who inspired the true spirit of the Yato clan? He was simply just a perverted old man now. Kamui wanted to know exactly who this woman named Hinowa was, for her to be able to make his teacher weak.

Kamui decided to return to Yoshiwara, and drop in on his teacher to catch up and remind him of what the Yato are. He wore his usual clothing and had his umbrella in a special sheathe on his back. There was no need for shade, as the entire city was underground, which created the never ending illusion of night. As he walked, women in kimonos beckoned to him from behind cages, offering him a good time, but he paid no attention. Soon, Yoshiwara kunoichi began to follow him, suspicious of how he wore a large smile and walked towards the Night King's castle. Finally, at the entrance to the tall building, the Yoshiwara kunoichi sprang forth and blocked his was. There were 7 of them plus one that stepped in front of them, obviously the leader.
"Stop. This is the Night King's Castle. What buisness does a child with no money have with Lord Housen?" she said.
"Ah! So all of ya were not only watching me, but ya tried to pick my pockets too? I woulda thought I would get more respect as the boss's student...tell Boss Housen that Kamui rang, if you would be kind and lovely enough to do so."

The leader hesitated but finally went to the top, leaving her squad to watch Kamui. They didn't know why, but the longer they stood there near him, the more fear they began to feel. He just stood there smiling. What was he thinking? After 5 minutes, the leader reappeared and drew her sword. In a swift movement, they surrounded Kamui.
"Uh-oh. Somethin ain't right." he said, still keeping his cheerful tone.
"Lord Housen has told us not to allow you to leave Yoshiwara alive. You will die here."
"Ahaha! Ain't that just like him? Like old times~." said Kamui.
The Yoshiwara Kunoichi rushed at him, but he jumped over them, turned around, and cut them down with his hand. Wiping the blood on his shirt, he proceeded into the tower. It wasn't long before he found himself at Housen's room. He slid the door open and popped his head in, waving hello.
"Heya Boss! Long time no see!"
"KAMUI!!!" Housen's voice boomed with delight. Housen sat drinking from a cup of sake, two women carressing him. He beckoned Kamui to sit across from him and as he did, a woman came out serving Kamui a large plate of beef and rice, which Kamui lunged into like a starved child.
"Kamui Kamui Kamui! Its been 4 long years since I've seen that childish, happy face! How have you been? What have you been doing?" Housen asked.
"I've been doin a lot of things! Fightin a lot of strong shinobi too! I just fought some guy the other day who shot lasers from his fingers! It was really cool!" Kamui said with his mouth full. "The place has changed a lot. I like what you've done with it. A man's paradise huh?"
"Oh ho! So you've finally developed a taste for things beside food and battle? What can I get for you? Sake to quench your thirst or women to relieve your body?" Housen replied excited.
"Hmmm...in that case...I'd like a night with Hinowa!" Kamui said with a bit of a devious smile.

The air became thick. Housen's chakra began to flow and his face grew stern.
"I'd heard a lot about that woman. Beautiful enough to weaken the King of the Yato huh?"
"Shut your mouth Kamui..."
Kamui stood up and walked toward Housen.
"Its amazing how she could reduce the Yato King to locking up women and drinking himself stupid with booze."
"This is your last warning."
Kamui picked up the sake bottle and poured it into Housen's cup.
"But aren't I right? Ya perverted old man?"
Housen rose his fist and uppercutted him with enough force to send him smashing into the cieling. Only legs could be seen hanging from it, as blood dripped down. The women screamed at the raw power of the Night King.
"You really think you can come in here and disrespect the Night King? You were a fool."
"Things like alcohol and women can't please me. I'm a Yato. I'm onky interested in blood shed and battle."
Housen turned his head to see Kamui sitting down to the right of him, unscathed. The body fell from the cieling, turning out to be one of the women who had been holding onto Housen. Kamui's eyes began to open up and his smile began to show teeth. He was ready for a good fight. A fight that would truly be difficult and fun. He sent a kick towards Housen, while the latter sent a fist back at him. They both missed, and exploded through the wall out onto the roof. Their power was too much, as the nearby building were getting knocked down one by one. They swiftly sent hundred's of Yato Knife techniques at each other, hoping to get the one strike that woukd mean death, but were ultimately blocked by eachother. Kamui jumped back and shot towards Housen, sending a spinning kick to his head, but Housen blocked and stabbed through his leg. Kamui wasn't done though, and wapped his other leg around Housen and tried to beat his head in, but Housen grabbed his face with his large hand and through him into a building with explosive force. The building collapsed but Kamui walked out of the rubble, still wearing his smile. They continued to fight, Housen a bit stronger than Kamui, but no matter how long they fought, Kamui kept coming at him with the same strength. Housen was getting tired, and it wasn't long before Kamui japped his hand straight through his chest.

Housen fell to the ground, as Kamui picked up his umbrella and began to leave. He was stopped by Housen's dying voice however.
"Kamui...you will learn...that this road we Yato travel on leads no where."
"I know. And I don't care. We Yato belong only on the battlefield. And I'm fine with that. You and my father tried to escape this curse, him by trying to create a Yato with peaceful ambitions, and you by trying to drown yourself with liquor, whores, and dominance. But me...I'm going to be the strongest. I embrace this curse and will only look towards being stronger. I don't care what happens when the road ends."
Kamui didn't stick around to watch Housen die. It was an unsatisfying fight that he wanted to forget about.

Extra Information: Kamui's mother died shorty after he left the village.

~The Finals~

Alias: Kamui
Best Way to Contact: PMs~
RP Sample: Completed as Shuri Takasugi

Rules Password: Correct
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