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PostSubject: Yato   Yato EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 8:25 pm

Yato Umbrella_Corp

Kekkei Genkai: Akuma no Chi (Demon's Blood)- The Yato's chakra acts differently from other shinobi's. Instead of it flowing lightly through the body to be used for ninjutsu, it is pumped straight into their muscles, reinforcing them at birth so they become as strong as steel by the age of 5, without even making the Yato look muscular at all. But because of this constant presence in only the muscles, clan members cannot use their chakra for other purposes. This does however make the Yato extremely strong and durable. The strength of the Yato is legendary, as a full strength Yato can easily punch a large 50 foot crater into the ground with little effort. Their umbrellas only increase the potential of their strength.
The major weakness of the Yato are their translucent skins, which completely let sunlight hrough into their bodies. As a result, a Yato cannot stay in direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes, or they will incinerate.

Clan Traits: Pale Skin. Umbrella. Salmon Pink Hair with Blue Eyes, or Jet Black Hair with Gray Eyes.


Home Village: Kumogakure (But could be found in any other village but Sunagakure)
Clan History: The Yato clan is believed to be a clan of demons straight from Hell, but in reality were created as the result of a mutation in the DNA of clan founder Yato Kurai. He was born with unexplainable strength and durability, but could not use ninjutsu or genjutsu and would suffer extreme burn from coming into contact with sunlight. He found ways to prosper as a shinobi however, and eventually had a family, that grew and extended until it became a full blown clan. The Yato were always proud of their stength and loved to fight. They eventually spread to other villages,except Sunagakure due to the excessive sunlight, offering their power in return for the oppurtunity to fight. But eventually, Yato became bored with regular shinobi. Regular shinobi's bodies were too fragile, and Yato could never enjoy long battles with them. So they turned on each other. Yato found that the perfect opponents were members of their own clan. Soon Yato battles were roaring throughout the shinobi world, causing massive property damage at the same time. The 5 shinobi nations would not tolerate this idiotic destruction any further. They sent invitations to Yato clansmen, promising things like fights and tournaments, to gather Yato into one area, where they would collapse the ground beneath them and expose them to sunlight. 75% of Yato were removed this way. The Yato found that they were being eliminated, so they stopped their fighting and began gathering together to plot the destruction of the nations. This would ensure both freedom and fun. In order to further their plans they put the Yato who they believed to be the most powerful in charge, Housen Yato. This man was a behemoth. Standing at 6'3, Housen was extremely muscular, an amazing feat for a Yato, who continued to look very slim despite their inhuman strength. Housen's first ambition was to take control of an area that they would call their base of operations, so he targeted a village with perfect conditions for a Yato; Amegakure. When they arrived, they immediately began to attack the village, but stopped. Nearly 60 Yato stood in an army behind Housen, yet one man stood in front of them. He had long black hair, and was clad in black robes. His eyes were full of confidence and bloodthirst. Housen got chills. The man was named Umibouzu, who was definintley a Yato, judging from the umbrella he held and used as a weapon. He had been searching for the true opponent that would make him feel alive, and when he had heard about the King of the Yato, he tracked him down. To make sure Housen would recognize him as equal, Umibouzu went and single handedly wiped out the entire army of Yato. It did the trick. Housen became so thrilled watching Umibouzu that he completley forgot about the plan of conquering the 5 nations and engaged Umibouzu in combat. This was all the excitement he would need. Their fight lasted continously for 3 days, both standing on par with each other, and neither stopping to sleep or eat. But on the 3rd day, Umibouzu got bored and realized how pointless this path of the Yato was. So he held his hand out to halt Housen and said, "hey can we take a break? I need to take a dump." and ran off, not to return again. Housen was completely dumbfounded and eventually went home. Years later, Housen was killed by Kamui yato, umibouzu's son, but did not take his place as King of the Yato, leaving it to be occupied by someone else.


Clan Leader: None. Former- Housen Yato (Deceased)
Current Members: Kamui Yato, Kagura Yato, Umibouzu Yato


Clan Bloodline Techniques/Jutsu:

Name: Yato Knife
Rank: B
Type: Taijutsu

Chakra: 0
Damage Points: 50

Description: The Yato technique of putting their fingers together and their thumb pressed against their palm. Combined with their unhuman strength, their hands become as sharp as a blade, being able to cut and pierce just like a knife.


Avalibility: 4 members max (As the Yato are endangered)
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