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Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
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 Katsu Hokkaido WIP

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PostSubject: Katsu Hokkaido WIP   Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:36 pm

~The Basics~

First Name:Katsu
Last Name:Hokkaido

~The Blood Work~

Blood Type:O
Kekkei Genkai: Jigokuton 地獄遁 の 術 Hell Release is not another element per say but an expansion of the Katon Release. The Hokkaido clan have the "Damned Soul" and "Pure Body" which creates an inner conflict and rage like no other. This special damned soul is tormented by the heat of an ancient fire thus cursing this clan to be Masters of the flame and no other element through the creation of heat energy. This curse does have benefits however, they have a supreme mastery over fire jutsu and heat manipulation. Fire jutsu used by an Hokkaido (other than clan jutsu) are given 50% more range.The Hokkaido clan can also raise and lower their body temperatures and the area around them to survive in different environments and they do not feel the effects of raised or lowered temperatures. Due to their damned souls that are forever bonded to them, and inferno chakra, removal of either cannot be done through jutsu. All Hokkaido are born with two seals on both palms The left seal is the Seal of Pure Body(Needed to absorb heat energy and creates balance) The Right Seal Seal of the Damned Soul(Creates heat energy and Katon).

~The Physics~


Katsu stands at 6’ 3” and weighs at 220 pounds of chiseled muscle. He has raven black hair which that flows with an elegance and grace unheard of and piercing red eyes which give away his tainted lineage. His face and body are untouched by scars and bruises despite his ANBU years as a captain. By many his form is considered perfect his movements are subtle and graceful and his cheek bones high and sculpted. He is pictured as the perfect male specimen.

Clothing: His clothing is the modification of a flack jacket into a dyed blood red hide to resemble dragon scales. A thermal undersuit are black color and barely visible to the eye. It has front scroll patches on right and left lower rear slots and has a zipper up the middle spinal column, including protective shoulder pads which extend outward over the shoulders. But due to his past as a Special Ops Brigade member he is also wears the clothing from that organization as well. His clothing, when he is not on duty, is somewhat unusual: he only wears black and red of anything. Though he is rarely seen outside of his shinobi attire.


~The Traits~

Likes:Katsu doesn't have lot of things you can say he really likes. But if there were anything katsu would like. Katsu would think it was the killing and misery of others. He doesn't really understand it fully but he does know that he has something for killing. It wasn't just because he was so good at it, oh no it expanded way pass that. The thrill of slicing someone thoart or ripping there arms off, or even burning them alive gave katsu great pleasure. He really didn't believe that there was any feeling better then that, and if there was he had not known that pleasure.
Dislikes:Katsu dislike alot of things. For one he couldn't stand an unskilled shinobi or in unpolished swordsmen. Though things just really worked his nerve he didn't even care if they were genin, seeing as though even genin to a point know or atleast should know how to do basic jutus. he didn't expect alot out of them but knowning the basic should have been something they mastered while they were in school. Another thing Katsu didn't like where shinobi who believe that they were so skilled and so strong, when in fact the olny thing skilled about them was how they talked about being skilled. He felt as though a shinobi skills could only be tested on the battle field and not on what you say. So if he had not seen your skills for himself you were already wealking in his book.

Personality: A cold and calculated individual he strives for perfection. He has an innate ability in the art of strategic combat and excels in the art of assassination. He is a philosophical young man and sometimes even poetic, in that he sees war as a form of art and grace and the battlefield as it's canvass and the blood of his enemies as his paint. He excels in the art of Ninjutsu based upon the belief that only the strong should survive. He has mysterious tendencies and his clans natural morbid qualities only add to that attribute.

Though analytical he is quite ruthless to his enemies he is methodical in his methods and just as cold and calculating when dispatching his enemies. he is a perfectionist in the highest form. He hates all weakness in all people especially in himself. The belief that one can allow himself to be defeated by one with less training or inferior intellect is beyond him and mostly his undoing. Thus he trains rigorously to become the best and to unlock all his clans secrets and destroy all who stand in his way.

Attitude: Very cold and slightly aggrorant, he seems as though he believes he is better then any and everyone he comes in contact with, and due to him being correct thus far in his life it only fuels the way he thinks. He gives out the vibe that he really doesn't care about anyone but himself.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon:
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon:Smoke Bombs

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main:Ninjutsu
  • Sub:Kinjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Jigokuton
  • Main:
  • Sub:

Special Characteristics:





Damage Points:


~The Story~


Suna Arc:

Chuunin Arc:

Jounin Arc:
Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Best Way to Contact:
RP Sample: Katsu sat staring at nothing particular, his facial features set in stone with it’s usual stoic dameanor. The boy next to him forced out a smile and almost got the courage to muster out a few words before Katsu head snapped toward him, those lifeless eyes at that point held a infinite amount of hatred that hit the young boy to his core. The boy was so terrified that he couldn’t move and those few seconds seemed like forever before the Hokkaido turned around slowly to look back into the endless sand that plagued the wind country. As he looked on into the dessert, a glint of light caught his attention. At first he had dismissed it to the mirage effect that can sometimes trick the eyes but after he ran it over in his head once more his voice was merely more than a whisper yet resonated throughout the wagon due to it’s depth. Stop the wagon……..now…… he stated rather firmly. He couldn’t be sure but he was almost positive that the light he saw was a signal to others that they were approaching. Katsu was sure an ambush was waiting them and as the old man screeched the wagon to a sudden halt shifting the people and inventory inside. He looked to that same spot and that flash glimmered twice more in succession this time.

Strong fingers lead his hand to the hilt of his katana as the inevitable was about to occur and before long he could hear the pounding foot steps of a dozen or so men before they were drowned out by war cries. The dessert raiders were no match for shinobi of any skill level however they tend to over run the occasional unprepared ninja with shear overwhelming numbers. He refused to let that be him. He gazed out to see that they were armed with simple martial weapons and all on foot which were good. He hardly needed the trouble of Calvary. The old man would ask in a panic filled voice “Whats going on here?” Katsu simply gazed at him with the same lifeless expression that always dawned his face and said in a very low, barely audible tone “Get down….and stay down….or die, I care not” . The civilians did as they were told and gathered together in the corner of the wagon with their heads down.

They looked horrified yet he had no time to take in the moment as he quickly stepped out of the wagon to locate the positions of his enemies. They had maybe fourteen men cutting off the route in front and behind them letting him know that this ambush was preplanned. “Someone knew that we were coming” He said to himself calmly as he took up the rear and hoped that his partner remembered his teachings and would take the front. Their was no terrain to hide under so guerrilla tactics were not gonna be plausible. This would have to be a head on attack, something that wasn’t really in the shinobi rule book yet there were no other options at the moment. As the enemy began to close in. Now it was about staying alive and keeping the wagons contents protected. Something told him that this mission was not going to go smoothly.
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Katsu Hokkaido WIP
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