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 Shimo The Missing Nin (Done)

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PostSubject: Shimo The Missing Nin (Done)   Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:46 pm

~The Basics~

First Name:Shimo
Last Name:Kaguya
Rank:Missing Nin
Village:Hi No Kuni

~The Blood Work~

Blood Type:A+
Clan:Unknown Kaguya
Kekkei Genkai:Shikotsumyaku

~The Physics~

Clothing: A red scarf that covers his mouth and it also has Tiny skulls around it for the amount of people he has lost close to him. 3 skulls for now.. A black tank top with cloth covering his left arm with a bandage going all the way upo his left arm underneath The gray cloth. Black bands are tied around both arms two on the right arm and one on the left arm holding the cloth upon his arm. The same cloth used as the scarf he uses as a belt mostly for show. He also has black pants that are sourta baggy for better movement.

~The Traits~

Likes:He love's fighting, Sleeping, Star Gazing, And acting like a kid, Talkitive people. Animal's.
Dislikes:Weak people, People that dont talk, Love, Chacing pray, and talk about friendship, Damaging animals.
Personality: An Insaine personality with a loving will to fight anyone. Also suffer's from split personality with the other side the completely different. He is clam rash and and talks like an adult with old english talk.
Attitude:Insaine and eager to rush into battle without a second thought. Loves messing with the enemy aslong as his split personality doesnt come out if that happens he becomes serious.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon:Bone
Support Weapon:Bone Bullet
Support Weapon:
Support Weapon:

Scrolls:Name: Kaguya Legacy
Description: This scroll was found after a raid on a traveling caravan. It will only open once someone has placed Kaguya blood on it. A secret clan history is written on it in great detail as well as containing many known and secret jutsu sacred to the clan, many of which are thought to be forgotten or have never been seen. Shimo holds this to keep the secrets of his clan just that. He plans to pass it’s knowledge between himself and his cousins in the hopes of putting their clan back to their former prestige.

Name: Sosara Rising
Description: This scroll has to be used in conjunction with the summoning tattoo on his palm. It only accepts special and rare blood. One must smear blood over the tattoo then slam the bloody tattoo on the scroll. This summoning releases a fire demon upon the world that is loyal to whomever summoned it. This demon has the ability to spew huge balls of fire from it’s mouth, and is immune to fire. Otherwise it is fairly slowly but extremely strong. A hulk that can take a lot of damage and dish it back. The beast is 12 feet tall more muscular then any man.


~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main:Taijutsu
  • Sub:kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main:lightning
  • Main:
  • Sub:

Special Characteristics:
Improved eye sight
Improved Charka sences
Sword Specialist
Improved strengh
Better charka control.

Always Underestimate Others
Get's lost in thought alot.
Never Back's down
wines alot
~Jutsu~ pick 30

~The Basics~


~The Story~


The day when shimo was born was the day his village was attacked. During the attack the attacker's took shimo while killing off half his clan. From as far back as he could remember he grew up in a cage or a drak small room. He was barely given food or water and the only way to keep saine was to talk to himself. They alway's told him they were his family though they treated him so roughly. He got most of his scar's while he was their. He escaped from the age of 14 and still kept talking to himself. During his escape a team of ninja's from Hi No Kuni found him on the way back from a mission

He grew up from their in a orphanage in Hi No Kuni going into the ninja academy being an orphan The Academy said he had no skills and did not deserve to be their. He trained hard and still barely passed the ninja academy. Once he got into his team his teammates didnt like talk to him but his sensi trained him day and night.

When he turned 16 He and his team were out on a mission while they were out they never included shimo into any team strategy so on this mission he wanted to prove his skills to his team. He rushed into the building that was his mission. As he entered the front door it slammed and a huge group of at least 30 shinobi was their. Rest in RP Sample

Extra Information:N/A

~The Finals~

Best Way to Contact:PM
RP Sample:The house was dark with few light lights but a few. As he took a few more steps into the building as he heard his team yell his name but as he turned around the door slammed and a metal plate fell behind him. He turned back around to see in the big area 30 shinobi apper. He was not scared and he didnt even flintch. "Hahahaha tis is mhe time to shine." He spoke as he set his hand on his shoulder and pulled put the bone. He stood their as a fire ball flew at him. He ran at the fire ball and slid on his knees under the fire ball and used his free hand to push him into the air.

He shot the bone out of his finger tip's and took down two ninja and landed on the ground. Water whips flew from behind him and one landed on is left arm. "Haha lok here tubby" talking to the guy the was using the water whips. he rushed at him as the guy tried to stop him whips everywhere shimo doged right left up and slip under a few always using his bones to help doge. He reached the water whip guy and cut off his head. Jumpping up in the air laughing as a thunder bolt flew by an inch beneath his feet. He threw the bone blade as his wrist bone's and elbows grew out his skin.

One of the ninja had an axe that had to weigh a ton and he stood in one spot while the axe came curshing right before it hit he he rised up his wrist and blocked it as dust and a hole formed where shimo stood. the shinobi started cheering and out of nowhere you heard a laugh. "Hahaha you weak yes?" As he picked the guy up with his axe and threw him into the metal plate infront of the door.

"Enough" He heard as he looked twords the metal door and saw by the door a person he senced high charka from him. "you leader" he said pointing at the guy dressed in all black. He smiled and ran at him. He reached him in a split second but a sword came from above and shimo jumpped back just in time as the sword hit the ground. "hahaha" shimo laughed as he put his left foot on the sword before he pulled it up and went to knee him but he moved somewhat to the right and shimo missed.

As he looked at the leader anouther sword came from below looking to take shimo's head clean off. He jumpped back again. He took off throwing 5 punches landing only one of five. shimo also caught an uppercut to the jaw that sent him back. He was starting to enjoy this as he shot bone fingertip's and taking out his spine in a split second and laying on the ground throwing it at his feet. The bone bullets got deflected but he never saw the whip comming. He fell to the ground shimo grew out both his sholders and leaped into the air and came down stabbing both into the ground near the enemy.

He barely got away as shimo chased after him. Shimo attacked and throwing one of the bone blades at him and rushing when he blacked it grabbing it out of mid air and smashing bone to bone with his blades. shimo jumpped back and said "Bye Bye" laughing. He slammed him hand into the ground as the ground began to shake bones were shooting up from everywhere. Everyone inside outside in a close radius got hit by the bone feild. The house fell apart as shimo walked out a hole in the metal plate infront of the door.

His team leader was standing infront of him. "You disobeyed order and hurt your comrads your time with the leaf is done I was given order's to kill you." Shimo's face grew pale as his leader took out his blade and sliced his chest. shimo fell back in a slow moation. He hit the ground and layed on the ground out the corner of his eye he saw the blade again. He rolled screaming in pain and got on one knee. He looked serious even though his charka was mostly gone. He stood up drawing bones out of his body "So it turned to this huh" As he took his shoulder out and held it in his hand.

They stood their looking at each other for a while and the leader took the first move. Shimo side stepped and sliced for his leader stomic. the leader bloacked barely and shimo appered above him slicing down this time. leader barely had time to move. shimo lunged at his leader's chest and the leader got hit. He then shot bullet's from his fingertips and got another direct hit. He grew bones tougher to from a strong sphere and shot more bulltet's and threw the sphere right behind it and the leader got hit right in to stomic with it. From that day on he wants to kill end all shinobi.

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Shimo The Missing Nin (Done)
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