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Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
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PostSubject: Masaaki [WIP]   Masaaki [WIP] EmptyWed Sep 19, 2012 9:40 pm

~The Basics~

First Name: Masaaki
Last Name: Kaguya
Age: 23
Rank: --
Village: Missing-Nin

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: O+
Kekkei Genkai: None

~The Physics~

Appearance:Masaaki has a rounded, boyish face, with a slightly pointed chin. He has narrow oval eyes that are an offset white, making his eyes have two shades of white, as well as his black pupil, which makes looking at him slightly distorting. On his forehead, directly above his pupils are two red dots, half an inch in diameter. Born with these, they are a semi-rare marking of his clan, and he takes great pride in them. A scar runs from between the bridge of his nose and left eye, to just above his lip. A mouth that usually has a smile of some form on it stretches across his face, showing his slightly elongated canine teeth. The teeth are a result of a failed Bone Pulling, and they give him a slightly canine appearance. He has lips that are just slightly lighter then the rest of his skin.

His skintone is that of dirty snow: a light brown/dark white mixture. He has a dark tan, resulting from him constantly being outdoors, and sunburns occasionally dot various parts of his body. His hair is thin strands of pure white, and, as he cut it himself, is uneven, falling in jagged chunks just past his shoulders. He entirely lacks facial hair.

Masaaki dresses in a loose, white shirt that reaches to his mid-thigh, and appears to be slightly to large for him. Made of a soft fabric, it looked to have once been nice, although his neglect of cleaning has made the shirt almost more brown then white. He has short sleeves that cut off just behind his elbow, and a loose collar. A thick sash wraps along the outside of his shirt, and along his waist, tied securly in the front.

He wears loose pants that extend past his feet, and he occasionally steps on the bottom of them, leaving the bottom dusty and torn. made of the same material as his shirt, in strong wind the excess fabric blows backward, giving him a slightly ridiculous look. On his feet, he wears simple sandals, although they are well worn-out. Aside from his sword, most of his clothing isn't in the best of shape.

His sword sheath is fastened on the back of his sash, with the handle brushing his elbow should his hands be at his sides. The sheath is made of a black, hard material with relatively few nicks in it. During the day, a slight shine reflects off it, highlighting the intricate patterns etched on its surface. His sword is a short tanto blade, and from the base of the blade to the tip is two feet. The blade is shiny and well-taken care of, with an odd design on the bottom in the shape of two crossing femur bones. The hilt is bound in black leather, with a 3/4 inch gaurd. The hilt's leather is worn from constant use, and has several darker stains on it.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 155lbs

~The Traits~

Likes: Death
Dislikes: Bright Colors.
Personality: Carefree: Masaaki is most likely noted for his carefree attitude. Often announcing his presence long before he's seen with shrill whistles that grate on the nerves, to no tune in particular, he ignores any annoyed glares shot his way. Walking casually towards his destination, which can change at any time, for nearly any reason, he'll give easy waves to any nearby person. An easy smile reaches his face when talking, and his voice is nearly always cheery, no matter the situation.

Bloodlust: When boredom strikes, there is hardly a thrill better then that of combat. Either seeking a fight to join, or starting one with a few choice words, Masaaki's love of combat attributes to the scars that lace his body. A feral grin is usually on his face when fighting, and should the fight become intense, he will even give a barking laugh. Eyes alight with the thrill of combat, he looks more animal then man. With what would be normally seen as slightly askew morals, the only thing he's vehemently against is killing children, or those he sees as children.

Self-centered: Masaaki has a singular life goal: surpass everyone else. Every path he sets himself on, and most choices he makes, are for the betterment of himself. His constant fighting leads to increased skill, and he often practices by himself early in the morning. Respect is given to those with power, as long as they remain stronger then him.

Reclusive: Despite his somewhat carefree attitude, Masaaki is reluctant to form bonds. Losing most of those he cared for in his life, he believes if he never grows attached, he'll never go through loss. Despite talking and laughing with those he meets, he'll still seem slightly aloof, and distant.

Calculating: Masaaki is calculating, and possesses a dark cunning. He rarely behaves altruistically, unless he sees a possible benefit in the nearby future, and a tangible one at that. While he sometimes lacks the intelligence to instantly deduce a jutsu, he often is able to quickly adapt to new techniques used against him. This was partially born of his constant team-training, and Masaaki makes sure to utilize his brainpower to figure out whatever happens to be needed.

Prideful: Masaaki's pride in his clan and bloodlimit is near limitless, making the quickest way to incur his wrath to insult either. His ego is also slightly to large for his abilities, and he has been known to start fights he can't always win. Confident he'll win any fight until it is nearly to late, he'll often shrug off wounds that would make someone else more cautious of their opponent.

~The Armada~ I require help

Primary Weapon:
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon:

~Skill Information~ Again, help. Unable to find the needed threads, apologize for this.

Skill Specialty:

  • Main:
  • Sub:

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main:
  • Main:
  • Sub:

Special Characteristics:





Damage Points:


~The Story~

Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Best Way to Contact:
RP Sample:(Not this char, but..) Kira had just got done talking to a woman that had lost her one and only little girl somewhere in a gorge here in the Land of Water. Being a ninja and non-ninja, Kira felt compelled to help those that needed it, and so she had went into a tavern located in the Land of Water where she was currently taking refuge. Apparently a search party had been out looking for the child almost all day and to no avail. The adults were becoming worried for at night that one and only gorge became infested with all sorts of giant insects, that would love to eat the child as a snack. Inside this tavern Kira found herself wanting to take on a mission to help these folks, which she did, and now she found herself running across a small village to get to the gorge.

It was a awful long run, and all the while Kira felt as if the falling sun was moving faster and faster. In order to speed up progress she formed handsigns and created a mass of clay from the ground and formed it into an Eagle using the mouth on her face. Using this special bloodlimit of hers she made the clay expand to the size of a large table and hopped on the animal, flying toward the gorge. After having created this "Clay Harrier" the speed of which Kira moved across the wide expanse of land was much quicker and she was very thankful for that. Finding the gorge then was of little problem to her, as the former search party had told her where the gorge could be located. Although not in good detail with a bird's eye view it was pretty easy for Kira to spot the location.

"Move down the gorge," Kira whispered to the bird, and it did so, slipping past the wide opening and into the dark area below. Almost immediately as the bird flew into the gorge Kira felt it suddenly become colder. Her skin developed a small layer of goosebumps from the chill, and the light seemed to fade out of everything. It was a scary sight almost. Although, the darkness hadn't completely enveloped Kira and so she still had a little bit to see, and she wasn't one to scare easy. Being a God after all...

Maneuvering the bird she was on carefully now between the rocky crags of walls that she had entered unto, Kira had it fly slower toward the bottom of the gorge. It was almost completely dark now. Kira briefly wondered what people had been doing down here in the gorge with a child anyways, but questioning a person's moral options was not her job as Ninja. Landing on the bottom of the rocky area now, Kira had her bird stay close beside her. "Listen now," Kira said to the bird, even though it was completely irrelevant it made her feel as if her creations were more lifelike. "We are searching for a girl, Himoki, be on the lookout and be ready to fly if we see danger." Down here in the darkness Kira could see why the bugs were going to come out in almost no time at all.

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PostSubject: Re: Masaaki [WIP]   Masaaki [WIP] EmptyWed Sep 26, 2012 1:40 am

Until this character is finished being created, the abbreviation [WIP] needs to be in the topic title. I have added it for you this time. Please remember this in the future.
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