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 Kyosuke Sadao [Six-Tail Jinchuriki]

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Kyosuke Sadao

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PostSubject: Kyosuke Sadao [Six-Tail Jinchuriki]   Kyosuke Sadao [Six-Tail Jinchuriki] EmptyFri Nov 16, 2012 1:13 am

~The Basics~

First Name: Sadao
Last Name: Kyosuke
Age: 24
Rank: Jonin
Village: Mizu no Kuni (Kirigakure no Sato)

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: O-
Kekkei Genkai: Liquid Release

~The Physics~

Appearance: Sadao is a very fit man. He has long black hair, the back of his hair spiking outwards. The Six-Tail Jinchuriki also has two soulless eyes, pure white as they give him a very 'freaky' trait. Additionally, he has a pointy nose, elf-like ears, and an oval-shaped head to complete his facial features. Additionally, Sadao has a very intimidating structure as his body seems built to break a boulder. His long arms give him a good grasp on objects while his large legs give him longer strides to run when traveling on his big feet.

Clothing: Sadao's muscles can be seen to a decent extent as he contains three sets of clothes to overlap his strong body. The first is his war attire which is yet to be seen. This consists of brown under-armor and crimson over-armor, a good touch as it makes him highly defensive in both the upper and lower body. Underneath his armor, Sadao wears a black T-shirt and grey trousers atop his undergarments. The casual clothing under his war attire is worn with his other two sets of apparel as Sadao's second set of attire is his Peace Attire. This only consists of a white cloak as the Kyosuke clan member wears it only to bond with his God. Rumor has it that this peace attire marks the stability of oneself from the Kyosuke clan, the cloak resting in its white color representing peace whilst being stained is a sign of evil. Finally, Sadao has his Bijuu attire. Sadao only wears this robe when he feels in need of having to use his 'superior side', the Saiken. Lastly, Sadao wears silver sandals as he prefers to travel in warm areas.
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches
Weight: 210 lbs

~The Traits~

Likes: Sadao loves winning. He is selfish when it comes to power and always wants to become stronger. The only exception to this trait is if Sadao were to see one in misery for what he wants. Sadao is very religious as he has very strong beliefs in miracles and being the Savior of his homeland. This combines with his hunger for power as Sadao believes at the time of war, he will become one with his God, creating the strongest being known to mankind. In addition to his religion, Sadao adores peace. He mentally applauds silence and is a man of rest. Sadao also enjoys people. He will interact with others at his fullest extent, being as friendly as possible as Sadao loves making new friends. He also aids his younger ones, plays with his fellow villagers, and smoothly talks with attractive women as Sadao hopes to grow with one in marriage someday. Finally, Sadao loves traveling. He loves sight-seeing and learning about new places. He hopes to change the lands enveloped in darkness, recreating them as an addition to his village, his main goal being to make his village the best it can be whilst balancing the universe.
Dislikes: Sadao hates defeat. It reminds him of his family who died right before his face as they suffered, one-by-one. It reminds him of a chessboard, precious pieces being removed as it weakens a population dramatically. Death is even more discouraging as Sadao never wishes to see blood stained over any peaceful area, those who choose to do being immediately eliminated on his behalf as people deserve to live. Thirdly, Sadao detests nuisances. He believes everyone has a cool side when not endangered, thus using his theory to block out those who act in another way. Fear and darkness are the most dreadful things in Sadao's mind as they constantly haunt him, wanting him to drop down to his knees as a man cannot be stable forever.
Personality: Sadao is often seen meditating, in a total scene of silence as he tries to connect with his Bijuu constantly. He doesn't like going through tests as the man thing he desires is friendship. In other words, Sadao wants his Bijuu to be a gain, not a must. Sadao often takes walks as well, a very time-consuming act yet against his nature as Sadao prefers to examine his surroundings at all times, only to run at times of war or under any sort of real work. Sadao does not often show smiles. He acts as though he is emotionless, only doing what is good for society whilst keeping the initial thoughts secretive until the time is right.
Additionally, Sadao is active and smart. He studies frequently, gaining knowledge about his surroundings whilst using it as an advantage and building on his character. Although emotionless, Sadao is very friendly. He will not reveal emotion as he believes it reveals too much about oneself, yet try to build on his own community. Finally, he is a man of pleasure as he commits himself to his people, putting them at their greatness while doing the same for himself.
Attitude: Overall, Sadao is very respectful. He treats everyone to his fullest extent as he loves growing with others. He loves hearing what others have to offer as he wishes to create a better future for all. He believes respecting others makes a better day as it forms many bonds between people. Respect is what Sadao believes will lead to his own miracle that God created for him, all allowing him to make a stand as he no longer has to hide in the shadows, but rather reign over them. Respect is what brings life to its fullest as all of Sadao's goals revolve around this one trait.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Eternal Kyukei o Seigen Ninjato (will be created)
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon: Wire

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Ninjutsu
  • Sub: Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Suiton
  • Main: Raiton
  • Sub: Doton

Special Characteristics: As it stands, Sadao has no fears. His soulless eyes actually intimidate his opposition as it secludes threats from his presence, storing his own fears upon them. Secondly, due to his structure, Sadao can crush through heavy obstacles and unleash great damage on enemies with his muscles if assaulted physically. Additionally, Sadao is really quick with his feet. Although he prefers to walk, he builds on his speed frequently, enabling him to run at extreme extents for long distances. Finally, Sadao loves to manipulate people. He likes to tamper with his opposition's minds as false images mainly lead to his victory.

Flaws/Weaknesses: People who are considered opposites of Sadao in terms of personality are known to be quite strong against him. Their imbalanced minds create a bad connection with the Jonin's as it puts Sadao under constant confusion, a rare weakness of his. People who are skilled with trickery are also threats to Sadao as with their dark minds, they can unleash the madness from the Jinchuriki's heart. Madness is the biggest weak point of Sadao's as it is a heavy distraction, a very time-consuming trap for Sadao to get out of. Although madness actually makes Sadao stronger, it makes him weaker on the inside thus more fragile.


E: 1
D: 1
S: 1

Name: Blessing of the Water God
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu

Chakra: 150
Damage Points: N/A

Description: The Blessing of the Water God is a supplementry jutsu that can be turned on and off at will. The jutsu grants the user a great enchancement of two times his original speed, and two times his original chakra when in use. While in the activated state, the user gains a unique Water Release manipulation that allows
them to preform any number of actions. The strength of the waters is equal to that of the chakra stat of which the user has at the current moment. (Example: 40 chakra= 40 strength)

~The Story~

Family: Sadao was named after his father who was married to a former Kage, Sasu. Father Sadao and Sadao's mother Sasu were known to be one of several gods of Suiton and Raiton. They were known for saving many as they could illuminate an entire country, then flood it. As great as they seemed to be, they suffered a great tragedy just after ending a war. The current Kage whom Sasu had given the position to killed both her and her husband as the man used their power to create a ritual. This ritual consisted of sacrificing one with godly amounts of power to summon a Bijuu with forbidden powers. This would be the Six-Tails as Sadao's four brothers now had to step in to stop the situation, to avenge their parents. As the newly born child of Kirigakure no Sato, Sadao was the most endangered at the time as the Six-Tails would crush the village for his soul. It was apparent that all the Bijuu needed was a third sacrifice from a greatly gifted family to become invincible. To end this madness, Sadao's four brothers, Saiko, Daichi, Kyo and Kyoya gave their lives upon to create a power-consuming seal, the souls and powers of Sadao's four brothers surpassing that of the Bijuu as together, they put the Six-Tails in a state of sealing. To keep the village safe, before he died, Sadao's last brother to die in the fight managed to write a note, demanding that the beast be sealed within his body once the beast could no longer fight for the meanwhile. Not much history can be said about Sadao's family as Sadao was not even considered a toddler when seeing his family die before him.

History: Kyosuke Sadao was born in a scarcely populated land just off the coast of Kirigakure no Sato. It was known to be an advanced field of learning for future Mist-Nin as Sadao grew up fighting until his entire body was numb, facing off against fellow orphans as Sadao lived alone as a little boy. As the other children liked to play around, Sadao would study often, learning everything he could before becoming an adolescent. This seemed to be a great plan as Sadao was an ace student of his town's academy, acing every test and being promoted to new areas quickly as his road to Kirigakure was coming very quickly. It was only a matter of time before the Jonin first stepped foot into the Hidden Mist village, currently known as a mere student.

Sadao worked long and hard as his grades improved even more, his bonds with his Sensei growing even more as he was known as the pet. People would mock him, only to be punished by the Kyosuke clan member as broken bones would be their punishment. More nuisances came as during his time of being a student, Sadao was the only one present in taking the Genin Exam. He was able to compile the three desired techniques into a pattern in accordance to acing the test; the Clone Technique, Substitution Technique, and Transformation Technique. He put on a show for his Sensei as his dance proudly entitled him as an official Genin.

As a Genin, Sadao took the title as a right to rest. He was wrong. You had to do even more work the more times you would upgrade yourself as a shinobi. Sadao would grow an emotionless and silent personality as his feelings seemed to be weakening him. This led him to victory as Sadao had very thorough knowledge of average combat. He could understand the creations of everything he learned as he wrote it all on a small test, passing himself and granting him a spot in the Forest of Death. From here, Sadao had to kill many as things were not as well-planned as he thought. The situation was a lot less friendly than expected as people would use their greatest jutsu to cause great destruction in all sectors. Sadao had to punish these people as during this test, Sadao acted as an assassin, killing those silently who had a long history of crimes. Sadao was one of very few to come out alive as he now moved on to a teamwork mission. The teamwork mission was a lot easier than expected as Sadao was a very strong adolescent during the time, only to be paired with another equally as strong. It was said that his partner died. However, Sadao could remember how good it felt to retrieve something so important to his village with the help of possibly one of the friendliest people you could meet. Sadao was gracefully granted Chuunin as he spent a long time training under this position, only to prepare for the next level at the age of 23.

Times were only getting tougher after obtaining Chuunin. It seemed sparring did not exist anymore, but rather death matches. It was literally a hell of a time as Sadao had to kill many former Mists to go forward into his Jonin position. You could say the work he did could possibly even lead him further, but it was yet to be judged, and still is. During a time of almost losing his life, Sadao could remember being taken over by his Bijuu, the Six-Tails. It would expel large amounts of liquid and gas as it would burn people alive, searing them into flames as Sadao had turned from the killer to the audience. It was a dreadful thing to encounter as Sadao became more unfortunate, having to use this path to proceed further. His inner skills of killing grew dramatically as for once, the Jinchuriki was more than ready to pass the Jonin exams. Blood would stain the entire area as Sadao had no choice but to pass the test under one condition, killing now former Mist shinobi under permission of his Kage. He worked in pain as Sadao slowly made his way up to success. He could remember passing out the moment he was entitled Jonin. He fought for his life through the test, proving his loyalty as he had eliminated much crime surrounding the village, infiltrating other villages for the greater good. As he was greatly hospitalized, Sadao now has a hobby of checking-up on himself in case of any sudden danger, now roaming as an official Jonin. His road to a true ninja only begins as Sadao still remains far from his fullest.
Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Alias: Sai, Sao, Kyo
Best Way to Contact: Email: tylergalati@hotmail.com
RP Sample: (A Sample From Another Naruto Site)

Another sunny and humid day in Sunagakure. No surprise there. The heat came down on the village inhabitants, the sun already having established a high position in the sky. Wasn't anything unfamiliar, most of them were used to it. What makes this day so significant however is the fact that it is the day that Jun learns his first C-Rank technique. Unknowingly to him, the Kage Buyo move which he had been aiming to learn for weeks now would finally become his. Its existence had been introduced to him through his father, one who was also a frequent user of Goken and who had already mastered the technique. The degree of difficulty that performing this move presented was enough to shoo away anyone who wasn't willing to physically exert themselves and train ruthlessly for, possibly even beyond their known limits. Jun's reason and motivation in deciding to pursue rather than avoid it wasn't only because he had already made the decision to become a Taijutsu specialist. It was also because the usage of C-Ranked techniques amongst new Genin was rare. By possessing one in his arsenal he would be able to further the gap between himself and his classmates. This was only another stepping stone to him in achieving his goal to become one of the world's strongest individuals.

There he stood in his backyard, the same place he had been frequenting for the past week. The entire space had been cemented over, and stood empty except for Jun and his training tools. The backyard was vacant which made it the ideal place for someone to practice as it served as nothing but open space. Already warmed up and ready to go, Jun decided it was time to resume his training. A few yards in front of him stood a tan-colored, worn punching bag. The objective layed out to him by his father was to knock the punching bag in the air high enough through one attack so that he gave himself sufficient time to perform the Kage Buyo. Obviously as he got quicker and more familiar with the technique he would need less time to gather himself. Next was to quickly analyze the position of the bag in the sky and place himself midair directly beneath it while holding a specific distance between himself and the victim. The reason this technique presented a high level difficulty to Jun was because he wasn't yet able to correctly place himself underneath the bag after punching or kicking it high into the air. On previous attempts he ended up too close to the bag which by his father's warning meant he was vulnerable to counterattack, or he was too far and out of attacking range from the bag.

Jun stood the bag up in place by holding on to an attached strap with his left hand, while he brought his right fist back in preparation to strike. Following this was the forward motion of his right hand as it continued on to strike the bag with a strong uppercut. The impact of his punch sent the bag soaring into the air, and Jun gathered himself and scanned the sky for its new position. "Got it." He launched himself into the air and put himself beneath the bag. What surprised him and almost ultimately lead to him failing to perform the technique was that he had gotten the correct position on his first attempt. Before it was too late, Jun gripped onto another attached strap on the bag and brought it to his body to hold before the descent began. After landing on the ground, his pleasure was evident on the smirk seen on his face. He knew that he wouldn't be able to perform it 100% every single time any time soon, but was reassured by the fact that he now knew he was capable of doing it correctly. With that he continued to train it so that he could perfect the technique, the knowledge of how it feels when doing it proper now aiding him.
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