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 Kitai Clan

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PostSubject: Kitai Clan   Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:29 pm


Kekkei Genkai: The Kitai Clan has an unusual Kekkei Genkai, that being of Chissoton - (Nitrogen Release, 窒素遁). Chissoton gifts the clan the ability to control the surrounding nitrogen and use the excess nitrogen they naturally have in their body in deadly jutsu. Many techniques have been lost and it is up to the new generation to create new ones using their bloodlimit.

The apperance of Chissoton is very scarce on the body, the only way is to guess is by the clan member's bright cerulean eyes. The eyes seem to glow when using Chissoton Techniques which certifies the user as a Kitai. There was once a Chissoton user who was not part of the clan, but his eyes did glow similar to Kitai members. That user was unable to have children which kept the Kitai bloodline 'pure'.

Clan Traits: Each Kitai member has a pocket of Nitrogen circulating through the body located around the stomach. The stomach however does not seem to agree with this and trys to fight off the gas which leads to a faster metabolism. This makes all Kitai members a bit thinner than others even though they are known to eat a lot. Kitai members have a variety or eye colors, but the Chissoton users all have cerulean eyes that glow when using the Kekkei Genkai.

Upon the first usage of a Clan Technique, members are branded with a tribal tattoo on both arms which extend from the wrist to 3 inches below the elbow. These tattoos are said to be as important as the clan symbol and are worn and displayed proudly. Boys are branded with colors such as blue and red while girls have purple and gold colors.


Home Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Clan History: During the village wars of the previous generation, a group of brothers wanted to control the power of an element to bring their family into power. The brothers finally decided on Nitrogen and devestated many of the areas and whiped out the remainder of the resistance inside Konoha. All but one of the brothers died during combat to which he single-handedly created the Kitai clan.

All Kitai members are said to descend from this one man as he had many wives who birthed him children. When he died, the Clan Leader status was up for grabs, but none claimed it. It is said that the only one who is suitable to be the Clan Leader will be revealed when the time comes. But they say he will sacrifice his rankings for the good of others and will always honor his family.


Clan Leader: N/A
Current Members:
  • Kizoku Kitai
  • Kishi Kitai


Clan Bloodline Techniques/Jutsu:

  • Name: Chissoton: Arashi no Tsubame - (Nitrogen Release: Storm Swallows)
    Rank: D
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 20
    Damage Points: 10

    Description: When first learned the user is only capable of creating up to Five Bird like swallows in the size of a large like kunai. The user creates them out of oxygen around himself to then make them a solid shell of nitrogen while inside is a condensed form. Each time learned the amount of Swallows may increase by five. The maximum number a user is capable of using is Twenty. These will explode on contact and add 10 pounds onto the targets body per explosion. Must be learned multiple times in order for the user to be capable of truly mastering.

  • Name: Chissoton: Mikadzuki - (Nitrogen Release: Crescent Moon)
    Rank: D
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 20
    Damage Points: 20

    Description: After seeing a master of water use this form the user of this jutsu made it so that they may create a single sword with a solid hilt of nitrogen that can not harm the user but instead the blade itself is formed out to be a condenses gas that streams only in the form of a blade reaching a katana length of 46". The one to fall victim to this is cut badly and their wounds freeze over leaving ten pounds added to their weight of pain and bleeding. The user cannot perform other jutsu as their hands are occupied. They will collapse after two posts.

  • Name: Chissoton: Ekitai Kōgeki - (Nitrogen Release: Liquid Attack)
    Rank: C
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 40
    Damage Points: 30

    Description: A technique created by Kizoku Kitai with the help of his older brother. By manipulating the nitrogen in their body, the user can cover a set of metal claws with suspended liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen does not touch the metal but flows along with the weapon's strike. If the substance were to touch human skin, it would cause almost instant frostbite unless they had a chemical that delayed the freezing of the skin on their body. This jutsu only uses a one handed seal, making it usuable for when using metal claws.

  • Name: Chissoton: Tōketsu Iki - (Nitrogen Release: Freezing Breath)
    Rank: C
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 50
    Damage Points: 40

    Description: The user that us the jutsu breaths in the air and turns it into a nitrogen ion filled with CO2 then exhale the cold air that can freezes their enemies bodies. It freezes the water molecules of the target's body as the user exerts the breath outwards, and by doing so the user becomes dehydrated and chilled slightly. Must remain in breathing form for 2 posts to freeze 25% of a body.

  • Name: Chissoton: Hiroi Burokku no Gijutsu - (Nitrogen Release: Wide Block Technique)
    Rank: C
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 50
    Damage Points: N/A

    Description: The ninja alters the Flow of Chakra as he brings his claws around to block - as it moves, the nitrogen adjusts to just touch the ground, and widen to three feet either side of the side, forming a solid wall of nitrogen enough to completely protect one arc. After the block is over, the user may use Wide Swipe Technique in conjunction. Cannot use this technique again for 3 posts, active for 4 posts

  • Name: Chissoton: Hiroi Kyōda Gijutsu - (Nitrogen Release: Wide Swipe Technique)
    Rank: B
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 70
    Damage Points: 60

    Description: Upon making the Wide Block Technique active the user may choose to have the wall separate into many tiny sparrows that are hollow and filled with a dangerous amount of Nitrogen gas. They will hit and then blow up upon contact and these can be controlled to be moved around anywhere. The explosion may freeze up to a foot circumference of what it hits for 3 posts while adding 50 lbs to the target upon hitting. Must have used Wide Block Technique prior to using this one.

  • Name: Chissoton: Eien no Tōketsu - (Nitrogen Release: Eternal Freeze)
    Rank: B, A
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 70, 90
    Damage Points: N/A (Freezes the legs of the opponent. No damage made)

    Description: A conventional Nitrogen User uses the chemical of nitrogen to create cold climates on skin in order for the user to strike and kill. However with this style the area around them will become a nitrogen field of freezing air upon contact within a single space around the user. The freezing takes 2 posts to capture anyone who doesn't move continuously except for the user. The first is that ten meter radius around the user becomes this net trap of nitrogen, the next time learned is twenty five meters radius. Those trapped will remain that way for 6 posts unless they figure out how to escape. User is incapable of using in extreme heat conditions.

  • Name: Chissoton: Ni Ryū - (Nitrogen Release: Twin Dragon)
    Rank: A
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 90
    Damage Points: 80

    Description: After forming the needed hand seals, the user will thrust their arms to send out twin black ether-like dragons to strike the opponent. As they fly through the air they will begin to turn, creating a large dark tornado. This tornado is completely of the Nitrogen breed and may well kill anyone that gets stuck inside of it after freezing them to death. Must remain stationary and cannot perform any other technique while this is active.

  • Name: Chissoton: Ammonia Seisei - (Nitrogen Release: Ammonia Creation)
    Rank: S
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 100
    Damage Points: Initial: 90, Opponent: +10 per turn, User: +5 per turn

    Description: An attack that combines the power of lightning and nitrogen to create a large concentration of ammonia in the area. Once the initial burst of ammonia is deployed, the gas stays in the area, finally dissapearing after 10 turns. This is said to be a 'killer jutsu' and has been labled in the Kitai family archives as a Kinjutsu due to it's ability to kill the surrounding animals. In order to 'escape' a fatal effect of the ammonia, one must breath in short and quick breaths or use a breathing apparatus such as a mask. Unless you wish to die a quick death from the ammonia, it is crucial that one stay away from the center of the jutsu's deployment.


Avalibility: Must ask via PM (Kizoku or Admin) about joining.
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Kitai Clan
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