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 Hiki Clan

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PostSubject: Hiki Clan   Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:35 am

Hiki Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Swift Release. The Hiki Clan's Kekkai Genkai has been proved to be none other than the infamous Swift Release. Members of the Hiki Clan are consisted of ninjas who possess impressive strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, and dexterity. This clan is actually the first clan to be at the starting point in Tsuchi no Kuni, but decided to let their prowess shine in Suna no Kuni. They simply rely on short range techniques and close-range combatant kenjutsu. They lead on more as ninja assassins rather than traditional ninjas. The Hiki Clan mainly relies on their speed, finesse, and agility to help out the battle in their favors. They tend to give up strength for the sheer boost of speed and finesse, effortlessly making them the fastest clan in Tsuchi no Kuni. Swift Release is a form of nature transformation or element - Jinton.

Clan Traits:

Ghost hair:
Members of the Hiki Clan possess black, long, flowing, ghostly hair which actually lengthens over time. They usually have bangs that cover the forehead and sideburns also. They tie the long portion of hair into a long ponytail that stops at the lower back section. This is due to the fact that the Hiki clan members move extremely fast to where they can move like ghosts.

Members of the Hiki Clan has full body tattoos given to them from the graduation of the Academy. They also bare long, pronounced tear-troughs under their eyes. These full body tattoos can give the Hiki Clan a sense of sensory by sending a small "pulse" to the ground beneath them. It cannot tell the exact location or who's chakra it is, but it can tell how far someone is from them.

Will of the Movement:
Members of the Hiki Clan are nonchalant, yet relentless shinobi that never backs down from a fight and never gives in to surrender. This trait can make the Hiki Clan the worst of enemies, or even the best of allies.

Members of the Hiki Clan have mastery over their Kekkai Genkai, enabling them use only one hand seal - the hand seal of dragon - to use even the most devastating techniques revolving around Swift Release, or even no hand seals at all.


Home Village: Iwagakure no Sato & Sunagakure no Sato
Clan History:
The Hiki Clan (夜叉一族, Hiki Ichizoku) had been created since the reign of the first Tsuchikage, being formed by one of the third nephews of the First Tsuchikage. Their power was brought out into action by dangerous missions, clan rivalry, and pervious wars. Their power had also been sought out by S-rank missing ninjas for experiments in Otogakure, having the lust for moving at a speed that was way beyond a normal ninja's moving rate with many speed boosts.

The First Tsuchikage's third nephew was a master of speed and quickness and somehow figured that speed would be very suitable in combat. Concentrating chakra in his body and condensing it as swift, yellow chakra, he instantaneously moved from one location to the other as his body virtually vanished and virtually appeared to another location in a matter of seconds. He named it Swift Release. He taught it to his family at a medium age and the Kekkai Genkai has been passed down from generation to generation.

Many years later, it became as one of the most fearsome Kekkai Genkai's in Tsuchigakure no Sato. Over the years of different Tsuchikages reigning the eras of Tsuchigakure no Sato and the Hiki Clan's life in Tsuchigakure no Sato, a young man born of the Hiki Clan had mastery of the Hiki Clan in his late teens/early twenties. As a result of his training, the man was then asked to become the next Tsuchikage when the original one died in battle. He was the fifth Tsuchikage at age Twenty-Two.


Clan Leader: Mas Hiki
Current Members:

  • Mas Hiki


Clan Bloodline Techniques/Jutsu:


Avalibility: PM me with a RP Sample to join.
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Hiki Clan
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