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Kizoku Kitai

Kizoku Kitai

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PostSubject: Kizoku Kitai   Kizoku Kitai EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 2:44 pm

~The Basics~

First Name: Kizoku
Last Name: Kitai
Age: 14
Rank: Genin
Village: Konohagakure no Sato

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: A+
Clan: Kitai <- Click
Kekkei Genkai: Chissoton - (Nitrogen Release, 窒素遁)

~The Physics~

Clothing: The clothing that Kizoku wears is mainly based off of his brother's. A black hooded jacket, black shinobi pants, its all the same. Underneath the jacket is normally a dark blue undershirt that stretches just above his belly button and gives sort of a sneak peak at his developing abdominals. Unlike his brother who carries dogtags along his belt, Kizoku wears one dogtag around his neck which has the Kitai clan symbol etched into the metal. His Konoha hitai-ate is attacthed to a black cloth and is worn on his forehead, usually obstructed from view by either his hair or hood.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 119

~The Traits~

Likes: Ramen, Nitrogen, Konoha, Fights, Blood, Metal.
Dislikes: Chocolate, Sweetened Food, Genjutsu, Fan Girls.
  • Headstrong
  • Sly
  • Opportunistic
  • Adventurous
  • Cunning

Attitude: Kizoku gives off a 'don't mess with me' vibe that is well recieved in the community. Although he gives off the vibe, he's a loving and caring boy underneath the shell and is usually found petting small animals on the road. He's kind and gives people the benifit of the doubt and never truely hates unless you did something to dishonor your nation, family, or self.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Metal Claws
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken
Support Weapon: N/A

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Ninjutsu
  • Sub: Taijutsu - (Metal Claw Style)

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Chissoton
  • Main: Raiton (Will be trained after becoming a Chuunin)
  • Sub: N/A

Special Characteristics: Kizoku is normally passionate about fighting and will use this to strengthen him in battle. Although he does not think, he is quick on seeing his opponents weak points and will use that against them. During battles, Kizoku is also calm and pushes his anger and rage aside; unlike most Shinobi who use that to fuel their strength.

Flaws/Weaknesses: Kizoku normally doesn't think while in battle, and will usually go all out without even thinking of a plan. All but one of his Ninjutsu seem to fit his fighting style, making him a sucker for Taijutsu. Although his Genjutsu skills are low, he can break out of lower level genjutsu, but it normally takes a long time before he figures out it is a Genjutsu. With his metal claws, Kizoku's speed slows greatly as he uses the time to actually plan. But when he uses this weapon, he can only preform one or two Ninjutsu.


E: 3
D: 2
C: 3
B: 0
A: 0
S: 0

  • Name: Chissoton: Arashi no Tsubame - (Nitrogen Release: Storm Swallows)
    Rank: D
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 20
    Damage Points: 10 (Per Swallow)

    Description: When first learned the user is only capable of creating up to Five Bird like swallows in the size of a large like kunai. The user creates them out of oxygen around himself to then make them a solid shell of nitrogen while inside is a condensed form. Each time learned the amount of Swallows may increase by five. The maximum number a user is capable of using is Twenty. These will explode on contact and add 10 pounds onto the targets body per explosion. Must be learned multiple times in order for the user to be capable of truly mastering.

  • Name: Chissoton: Mikadzuki - (Nitrogen Release: Crescent Moon)
    Rank: D
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 20
    Damage Points: 20

    Description: After seeing a master of water use this form the user of this jutsu made it so that they may create a single sword with a solid hilt of nitrogen that can not harm the user but instead the blade itself is formed out to be a condenses gas that streams only in the form of a blade reaching a katana length of 46". The one to fall victim to this is cut badly and their wounds freeze over leaving ten pounds added to their weight of pain and bleeding. The user cannot perform other jutsu as their hands are occupied. They will collapse after two posts.

  • Name: Chissoton: Ekitai Kōgeki - (Nitrogen Release: Liquid Attack)
    Rank: C
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 40
    Damage Points: 30

    Description: A technique created by Kizoku Kitai with the help of his older brother. By manipulating the nitrogen in their body, the user can cover a set of metal claws with suspended liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen does not touch the metal but flows along with the weapon's strike. If the substance were to touch human skin, it would cause almost instant frostbite unless they had a chemical that delayed the freezing of the skin on their body. This jutsu only uses a one handed seal, making it usuable for when using metal claws.

  • Name: Chissoton: Tōketsu Iki - (Nitrogen Release: Freezing Breath)
    Rank: C
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 50
    Damage Points: 40

    Description: The user that us the jutsu breaths in the air and turns it into a nitrogen ion filled with CO2 then exhale the cold air that can freezes their enemies bodies. It freezes the water molecules of the target's body as the user exerts the breath outwards, and by doing so the user becomes dehydrated and chilled slightly. Must remain in breathing form for 2 posts to freeze 25% of a body.

  • Name: Chissoton: Hiroi Burokku no Gijutsu - (Nitrogen Release: Wide Block Technique)
    Rank: C
    Type: Chissoton

    Chakra: 50
    Damage Points: N/A

    Description: The ninja alters the Flow of Chakra as he brings his claws around to block - as it moves, the nitrogen adjusts to just touch the ground, and widen to three feet either side of the side, forming a solid wall of nitrogen enough to completely protect one arc. After the block is over, the user may use Wide Swipe Technique in conjunction. Cannot use this technique again for 3 posts, active for 4 posts

~The Story~

  • Toku Kitai - Father - Jonin - Aged 42 - Deceased
  • Suki Kitai - Mother - Unregistered - Aged 39 - Deceased
  • Kishi Kitai - Brother - Missing Ninja (Formally Jonin) - Age 21


Birth Arc:

Born into a dangerous clan, Kizoku was gifted with abilities straight from birth. But with those abilities came a dangerous time in the young Kitai's life. Upon birth, his Nitrogen levels in his body were high, even for his Nitrogen controlling lineage. Kizoku was placed on medication and admitted to the ICU for his first week of life.

Upon the end of the week, his father Toku realized that his son would have the abnormally high Nitrogen levels until he preformed his first Chissoton technique to rid him of the excess gas. Knowing this, Toku quickly delved into his Medical Scrolls to create a pill to help regulate his son's condition.

Like a true mother, Suki never left her son's side, with much disgust from Kizoku's older brother Kishi. Kishi saw his little brother as weak, but once he saw his bright cerulean eyes, he knew one thing. Kizoku would lust for power, just as he was. After this recolation, Kishi spent much time by his brother's side and would even help his father in his studies; even if he was only six.

With help from both Kishi and his former sensei, Toku finally was able to create a pill that kept the Nitrogen in Kizoku's body from acting out until he was able to preform his first clan jutsu. And with that, Kizoku was able to be discharged from the hospital.

Family Death Arc:

Kizoku grew up in envy of his older brother and vowed to be just like him. Kishi got high marks, so Kizoku aimed high. Kishi used a metal claw styled Taijutsu, Kizoku wished to do the same. Kishi loved how his little brother wished to be just like him and deemed him as his 'little clone', gifting him on his 7th birthday with a black hoodie just like his, and metal claws on his 11th. When his Genin exams came, Kishi was right there with Kizoku and watched him pass with flying colors. But the exictement was short lived for when the boys returned, the found their parents dead on the floor with no note or reason why they died.

Angered, Kishi took out his anger on the Hokage and asked to be released from the ranks of Konoha and become a Missing-Ninja in order to search for his parents murderer. The Hokage granted him this and also gave him access to, under Anbu supervision, come see his brother and report on his findings.

Kizoku now lives in Konoha alone, and with being a Genin, he waits anxiously for his team assignments. But, he often keeps an eye on the horizion for when his brother returns with hopefully news on their parents death.

Extra Information: N/A

~The Finals~

Alias: Teo
Best Way to Contact: Pm
RP Sample:

Days had passed since the meeting with Nyota where she had talked about the ashen lands from her mother's stories. And now after grabbing their fill of meat and water for the first time in years the two made their way up to Malkia Pass just as Nyota had told her to do. The climb was tough, the rocks seemed to dig into Heshima's paws as she made her way up the pass. Small pebbles seemed to tumble and tremble as Heshima and Kifu climbed. The scarred lioness kept a close eye on her russet son, reminding him every few moments to be careful and not to fall. But the irony clicked in and Heshima soon slipped but quickly caught herself before her fall ended her life. She chuckled and continued to trek forward, the climb surprisingly becoming easier as time went on. It was if someone had walked this way before and their steps were guiding the female towards the lands that she was about to claim for her own. With one final push, Heshima reached the top of the pass and felt a new sensation underneath her feet. Upon looking down there was barely a sprinkle of a grey soot that seemed to mark the beginning of these lands and the end of the Lowlands. The female turned back and helped her son up the last few feet of the path before nuzzling him carefully. They had both made the long trek up the pass and they both deserved a good rest. But rest would have to wait, as the two now turned and looked on their new home.

The looks of the kingdom were just as Heshima expected it. Although many might view these ash filled lands as a wasteland, Heshima saw nothing but potential. A large river could be seen over the hills from this vantage point and little moving dots could be seen around the area as well. Heshima smiled and nudged her son gently, "Kifu look! A river, herds of prey, everything that we need," But what caught Heshima's eye was what lay in the distance upon the horizon at the highest altitude in the lands. A rock formation that looked eerily like Pride Rock without it's towering summit lay high up in the air, but still low enough that if there was a way to walk across the air, it would be at the same height as the duo were at now. With that being said, Heshima looked at the descent from the top of this pass and noticed that only halfway down was where the plant life seemed to stop, meaning that the fires never reached up here. Which also meant the fires never reached that Pride Rock look-alike. The descent was much easier than the trek up the pass, as it seemed it had been smoothed out by earlier generations. Motioning for her son to follow, Heshima quickly made the climb down and was relieved at how easy it was compared to the climb up Malkia Pass. Maybe that was the reason why no one seemed to come here? Or was it because of the view from down on the ground level? The rolling hills of the land turned it's looks into a horrible mess, making Heshima question her judgement.

But nonetheless, Heshima smiled and playfully collapsed onto the ashen ground below them, letting out a hearty and fun-filled laugh. The ash seemed like grass, it was soft and fluffy and the ash was so heavy that it dared not enter Heshima's nose. Of course, future generations would most likely be built to withstand any inhalation of the ash with genetics, but for now Heshima couldn't worry one bit about the future. The scarred lioness looked to her son and smiled, tears of joy running down her face, "Kifu, we're finally home," The female stood and rushed to her russet son, wrapping her paw around him and nuzzling him close. "This is our kingdom, there's nothing that Scar can do to hurt us here," Violet eyes met jade and Heshima felt more like a mother in this moment than ever before. Finally she had provided safety for one of her children, and soon she would offer this chance up to her other two as well. While Ari could not have been saved, Heshima would surely keep her memory alive. There had to be something in these lands that reminded her of her daughter, but Heshima would have to think about it later. But suddenly, a strange scent filled the air, and Heshima's worst fears were confirmed. There was someone else here, not just Heshima and her son. The pale female stood protectively in front of Kifu and narrowed her eyes around the hills to try to spot whoever was here. It didn't matter who it was, it was a threat to her son and she would protect him no matter the cost.

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