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Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
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Naruto: Shinobi Senso Naruto: Shinobi Senso
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 Come: Plot with me

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Jojo Soren
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Head Moderator
Jojo Soren

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PostSubject: Come: Plot with me   Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:47 pm

    Jojo has hardly made friends in her soft spoken nature. It is only natural that she still attempts to make them even though she hardly recognizes such talents within her own mind set. If possible she truly wishes to have friends that do not judge her though she would happily take full notice of other's abilities and with remarkable compliments.

    There can only be one rival in her life and for that she alone will task herself in making such an acceptable time width within her own mentality. It is her after all and she will do her remarkable best against this rival and if by chance she wins she will always find ways to better herself and even give comforting help to the rival she had beaten so that the two of them can go on and enjoy more fun as rivals.

    Those who believe they can completely and utterly hate Jojo they will ideally choose to be against Jojo and her ideals. No matter what they want to hate on and then completely destroy or rather KILL Jojo in the effort. Those who are enemies will not receive any special privileges in the possibilities of a friendly duel with Jojo for that is the path they walk as enemies.

    The elegance of Jojo presents the probability of who and what she wishes to become. Indeed she is one who is known as such to where any who have fallen into her spell of love find a joy in their either joyful or even joyless lives. It is given and whether the two have broken apart or are together they will remain friends until the end of her life.

      LOVER HOPEFUL: Is my character falling for you? Are you the one? Who knows other than you?


    Did I forget something? If I did then gladly mark yourself up and I will think and most likely will mark you in. Just as it would be I will enjoy my time RP'ing and plotting with you. Enjoy.

[b]Position of Group:[/b] (What area(s) of the plotting would you like?)
[b]Character App:[/b] [url=*Link to your app*]Link[/url]
[b]A little blurb:[/b] What connection did they have, their moment of the past or present? Or even future?


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PostSubject: Re: Come: Plot with me   Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:38 am

Name:Sen Ju Hyuuga
Position of Group:Rival/Present Lover(If you will have me)
Character App: Sen Ju Hyuuga
A little blurb: Since a run in as jounin of our respective villages , we have often met to enjoy each others company. Despite being from rival villages, we've maintained a love-hate relationship. To this day, we still go back and forth over whose village is stronger, but our own bond has been slowly bringing Kumo and Konoha together. Your strength as a kunoichi and leader intrigues me to no end, and I am falling for you because you keep me under control like no other could....

Just an idea I'm throwing out there. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Come: Plot with me   Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:05 am

Name: Sui Feng
Position of Group: Friend
Character App: Sui Feng
A little blurb: Sui has had to meet Jojo monthly to discuss the seal, the kyuubi, and see if the seal was weakining or not. During this time Sui and Jojo have become friends of sorts and Sui sees her as a role model and mother figure. Jojo is one of the only people Sui laughs and smiles around and greatly awaits the days she gets to go see Jojo in the hokage office, even if it is because of Kurama and the seal she doesn't care. She also likes to talk to Jojo whenever she can about random things. Sui also one day would like to spar with Jojo and show her what she's made of ^^

"The true measure of a shinobi is not how he lives, but how he dies."

"They're coming to take me away aha they're coming to take me away aho hehe haha to the funny farm where life is beutiful all the time. They're coming to take me away HA HA!"

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PostSubject: Re: Come: Plot with me   

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Come: Plot with me
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