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PostSubject: Setōshi Hibiki   Setōshi Hibiki EmptyMon Jul 16, 2012 1:24 am

~The Basics~

First Name: Setōshi
Last Name: Hibiki
Age: 13
Rank: Genin
Village: Konohagakure

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB -
Clan: N/A
Kekkei Genkai: N/A

~The Physics~


Setōshi Hibiki 2h2kwlz Setōshi Hibiki Zvo0b7 Setōshi Hibiki 5lc9q0
Setōshi Sōichirō Konoha's The Prodigy of the Leaf

Weights: Setōshi's clothing is slightly different than that of most children of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. For starters, underneath all of his clothing he has a weight suit. Two 35 lbs weight occupy his pectoral regions and several 5 lbs weights occupy his abdominal region, these weights are separated to allow abdominal crunching for training purposes or simple free movement. 20 lbs weight wrap is fitted around both of his biceps and also 10 lbs weight wraps are fitted around his wrists, these wrapped weights have been applied to not only give off their weighted properties, but to also allow flexibility and free movement. Lastly, Setōshi has combined 30 lbs weight wraps around both of his ankles and shins. These weights can be struck ,but shall not break unless enough force is driven through them to make them crack then eventually break into pieces.


Upper Attire: Setōshi generally wears one of two things upon the upper half of his body. First off, his head band is tied neatly across his forehead like most shinobi with his village. Setōshi wears a white T-Shirt with the appearance of a playful version of an Anbu mask, this just goes to show that even as child one should always dream big. On the bottom of the sleeves of this shirt Setōshi has a red triangle continuous pattern looping around the back side. In addition to being a shirt this piece of clothing also functions as a hood shirt. Stitched onto the back of the collar is a red hood, draw strings for the hood tend to fall down on the front.

The second piece of clothing that Setōshi generally wears is nearly identical to the first, but instead of a hood stitched on to the back Setōshi wears a flowing red scarf. In addition to the scarf Setōshi has the infamous Uzumaki Clan symbol embroidered onto the left sleeve of his shirt, his Head Band would now be wrapped around his right bicep.

Lower Attire: Unlike his upper attire, Setōshi generally never changes what occupies the lower half of his body. He wears the standard form of black pants. His right thigh is bandaged four times around and a kunai/shuriken pouch is tied around it. Both of his ankles are bandaged up all the way to his shins. On his hip he carries a standard shinobi pouch, weaponry a basic medical equipment is usually stored within it. On his feet Setōshi wears shin high open toed standard shinobi footwear.

Height: 4'11" (Four Foot, Eleven Inches)
Weight: 105 lbs (*Excluding the Weights)

~The Traits~


• Icha Icha Very Happy

• Training

• Eating

• Sleeping

• Reading

• Learning

• Dogs


• Being Disturbed

• Waking Up

• Cleaning

• Not getting the latest issues of his readings !

• Not being able to be Creative


[ Overall ]
To describe Setoshi's personality would be quite the hassle, yet to sum it up with one word would fairly be simple: that word would be "Contradictory". For the most part people could say Setoshi is the most laziest child in his village, never wanting to socialize or get up to do anything. A preference for him would be to sleep. Yet, people of the village would also say that he is the most hard working person throughout the villages ranks. He's constantly performing deeds for others, despite the fact that he hates social interactions. Contradictory . . . This is the only word anyone could possibly use to describe Setoshi's life style, personality, and choices.

[ The Lazy Child ]
Ever since he was a young infant people could tell that Setoshi was quite different than most others. He was quite silent and asleep most of the time, his parents would check on him regularly just to see if he was still breathing, but of course he was. As he grew older these habits didn't die, on the contrary they increased significantly. While other children would be outside running around and playing games Setoshi would try his best to stay in the comfortable parts of his room, unfortunately his mother was like an iron cage and hardly ever gave in. So, sleeping out doors, preferrably under a nice big tree that'd cast huge shadows over the lands, became Setoshi's means of being lazy. Though he didn't exercise much, but ate any chance given, his body remained slim in comparison to the standard lazy child.

[ An Honorable Man ]
Setoshi's parents were so bent on respect and honor that he was taught at a young age to be honorable and respectful to all those that lived and breathed the same air that he did. In contrast to being quite a lazy child Setoshi is always willing to help those that ask of his assistance, even if the request for his aid did tend to interfere with his frequent relaxation periods. When it comes to Setoshi's peers he typically places "-Kun" or "-Chan" after their names as a sign of respect for them, hoping he'd recieve the same respect back. For those that are older than himself or of higher rank than himself Setoshi places "-Sama" or "-San" after their respected names. Normally for those that play the role of a teacher or guardian in Setoshi's life he places "-Sempai" or "-Sensei" after their respected names.

[ The Relentless Worker ]
With being a young child in the Shinobi World Setoshi's parents felt the need to instill traits in him that would make him a better person in the rugged life-style that lay ahead of him. For instance, never giving up on goal or something Setoshi had been working at for a while, unfortunately for his parents he took the meaning of this to an entirely new level, especially when training comes into question. When Setoshi puts his mind and body into training something he'll override his body to the point were even exhaustion isn't enough for him. Even if Setoshi feels like he has worked hard enough and has completed the goals that he wants he'll push his body so that he can surpass these goals and master his previous goals. Setoshi has a philosophy that he lives by ". . . My Body is my Greatess Weapon . . . With it I am Everything, Without it I am Nothing".

[ The Analytical Type ]
Setoshi falls under the category of being Analytical, meaning he analyzes just about any and everything that falls under his sight of eye. Although he doesn't have a Perfect Memory his memory is close to it which helps with being analytical for he can discern differences in appearances he may see. With being Analytical Setoshi tends to not get into as many fights or arguements as the common "Genin" simply because he analyzes his opponents and can typically pick out their flaws and/or strengths, he feels that by being able to recognize these types of things it puts his possible opponents in a state of unfairness. In addition to being able to point out flaws and/or strengths Setoshi is given a type of precognition in the sence that by analyzing his opponent for quite some time he can begin to predict their next actions, although this is nowhere close to being 100% perfect it does help with assumptions.

[ An Outcast ]
Despite the fact that Setoshi is very willing to help anyone who merely asks for his assistance, he is very Anti-Social. Setoshi rarely makes friends and when people try to befriend him they can usually tell that he is Anti-Social, it's not that he pushes people to stay away from him he just doesn't like to be bothered. Yet, for those that do wish to pursue him more than the average person they then may find themselves with a very pecuiliar good friend. Above everything else in the world he hates allowing people to get to know any type of information about himself. Setoshi finds it as a weakness for anyone to know things about himself for the tiniest bit of information given can end up leading to his downfall.

[ Loyalty amongst Treachery ]
Theres a quote somewhere saying that "Dog is a Mans Bestfriend, Loyal until the day man dies and then even after" and a more comedic quote "Lock your Dog and your Girlfriend in the trunk of a car for Six(6) hours then go open it up and you tell me who is more happier to see you, your Dog or your Girlfriend?" Setoshi tends to compare himself to not the Dog, but more of a Wolf in the sense that his loyalty is given in exchange for the loyalty of anothers. When this bond between Setoshi and another person is established he becomes as loyal as the other person to him. To those that he is loyal to Setoshi will look after them with great concern, doing anything in his power to make sure they are safe by any means neccesary.

[ Sadly a Prodigy . . . ]
From a young age Setoshi was foretold to naturally be a Prodigy amongst Prodigies within the Shinobi World. Yet, due to his personality and other factors in his life Setoshi feels that whomever foretold of him being a Prodigy is dead wrong. Setoshi understands that objectives that maybe more difficult to others come off as easier for him, but that means nothing. He feels that a person who is a Prodigy is a star that does nothing but good in the eyes of his peers and elders, not someone who is lazy by choice and who's typical habits are reflected by his personality greatly. To Setoshi, one that is a Prodigy is admired by those with less capabilities, befriends all just to keep the image that he is established, and looks up to no one, not someone who is Anti-Social and hates the limelight. This factor of his personality seems like it'll greatly define his entire life style. It also leads to an infamous quote spoken by Setoshi himself "I know I'm a Prodigy ! It doesn't mean I chose to be one !"


~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Shiomizu Iremono [ Saltwater Gourd ]
Support Weapon: Paper
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Explosive Tags

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Chakra Kneading
  • Sub: Fuuinjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Suiton :: Water Release
  • Main:
  • Sub:

Special Characteristics:

Chakra Control :: When it comes to Chakra Control, Setōshi is seen as being very adept in this area of Ninjutsu. Typically, shinobi not skilled in controlling their chakra creates too much or too little chakra for a given technique, thus resulting in the chakra being used inefficiently. Fortunately, Setōshi understands this concept in full and uses precisely enough chakra

Salt-Water Techniques :: Sea-Style, or the use of Salt-Water techniques is a branch of the Suiton [ Water Release ] Element that Setōshi Sōichirō has called on to be his own specialty. Although Salt-Water or Seawater is not created in the process of these Jutsu it is manipulated via the Shiomizu Iremono [ Saltwater Gourd ] which contains chakra-enriched salt-water.





Damage Points:


~The Story~



Extra Information:

~The Finals~

Best Way to Contact:
- Email: Bliss_si@yahoo.com
- Private Messaging
RP Sample: (You only have to do this for your first character)
Rules Password: Will of Fire
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