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 Shuri Takasugi

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Shinobi Information
Rank: Jounin
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PostSubject: Shuri Takasugi   Shuri Takasugi EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 12:22 am

~The Basics~

First Name: Shuri
Last Name: Takasugi
Age: 27
Rank: Jounin
Village: Konohagakure

~The Blood Work~

Gender: Male
Blood Type: A-
Clan: None
Kekkei Genkai: None

~The Physics~

Shuri Takasugi 99fb0c50
Shuri has notable scars over his body. The most notable is one on his face going from his right cheek through his left eye, and one around the circumference of his neck.
Clothing: Shuri wears nothing but black, as he finds it compliments his white hair quite nicely. His clothes tend to be made out of leather as well as cloth and is covered with many unescessary straps.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 128

~The Traits~

Likes: Silence, laughing, watching people, studying human nature, experimenting, dead bodies.
Dislikes: When things don't go as planned, men, anger, loud noises, killing people.
Personality: Meeting Shuri, one can have many different first opinions. "He's creepy" or "He's a lunatic" or "He's funny." Shuri can be described as bohemian in the aspect of personality. He is very unorthodox when expressing himself and different people can have different thoughts of him. Shuri is very dedicated to literature as well as science, and may become very estatic when on the verge of a discovery. Though his he speaks with high etiquette, he seems to lack social skills, and can come across as rude and sarcastic as well as sadistic. He also is very unorganized and messy. In fact, the only time Shuri isn't the image of a madman is when he's near the kunoichi, Jojo Kaguya. Around her he becomes very polite and calm as well as nervous. When she's in possible harm, Shuri is serious and protective, something completely out of character for him, as he doesn't even care about his village. If the village were to be attacked, he would not get involved. If it were destroyed, he'd simply find another place to live. Except Sunagakure. What a terrible, dirty, dusty, overheated excuse for a village.
Attitude: Shuri's attitude is always that of indifference. He only ever enters fights for one reason, and will otherwise watch fights to the death for a quick laugh.

~The Armada~

Primary Weapon: Grim Scythe
Support Weapon: Satoba
Support Weapon: Kunai
Support Weapon: Shuriken

Weapon Name: Grim
Type of Weapon: Scythe
Rank: A
How Many: 1
Appearance: The handle is made of bone and the steel blade runs out of a skull decorated with jewelry.
Special Ability: The scythe has been imbued with two genjutsu. The first keeps the scythe invisible to all but the holder. The second is activated when the blade cuts someone, and inspires the feeling of fear in the victim's brain. This can be used to avoid conflict in some cases, but may just as easily drive the victim to become more fierce with the desire to survive. The moment the second genjutsu is placed, the first one wears off.

Weapon Name: Satoba
Type of Weapon:
Rank: C
How Many: 5
Appearance: Satoba are Japanese grave markers, and look like long flar wooden stakes. Japanese characters are transcribed on the front.
Special Ability: The Satoba are unbreakable and are primarily used for defense, as they lack offensive power. The satoba can also break on will, so as to confuse the opponent.

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Ninjutsu
  • Sub: Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Fire
  • Main: Wind
  • Sub: Smoke

Special Characteristics:
Highly intelligent
Adept at ninjutsu and taijutsu

Rather weak
No skill at taijutsu
Indifferent to (almost) all problems


C: 2
B: 3
A: 4
S: 1

Name: Katon: Bursting Sun
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu (Fire)
Chakra: 400
Damage Points: 375
Description: The user performs the necessary handsigns and quickly launches a bright sun like orb into the sky from his/her mouth. While blinding the opponent, the orb bursts into many fireballs completely showering the area. This jutsu has the potential to easily destroy a forested area in an instant! the force of the fireballs are close to the force of small meteorites that would launch from the atmosphere, thus sending not only bursts of phoenix fire to do major damage, but the shockwave from the impact fiercely blowing away anything that’s not properly protected ( some sort of very hard substance, ex, steel)

Name: Ragnarök
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu (Fire)
Chakra: 95
Damage Points: 90
Description: The user focuses the fire around them and then forming the hand seals The start to form a large sword that condenses all the fire down into a solid shape the sword is 3 meters long and two meters high. This sword is then launched for the sky down onto your opponents. The sword causes no explosion but instead leaves a blanket of fire over your opponent. The blanket of fire has a 10-meter radius. The blanket of fire will burn for three posts or until extinguished with a large enough water jutsu.
Drawback: The user must spend three rounds focusing the fire into the shape of a sword there after they can launch it. The fire must all ready be present. It must be an A ranks worth of fire.

Name: Enshoku (Flame Scarlet)
Rank: B, A
Type: Ninjutsu (Fire)
Chakra: 70, 90
Damage Points: 65, 85
Description: In the user's hand a sphere of flames will appear, and begin to spin rapidly. Once it hits the ground, it bounces and goes in the direction the spin was coming from. Its speed is immense, making it hard to evade. The "A" ranked Jutsu, two flaming balls appear in both the user's hands, large. They move slower than the "B" rank, but deliver a more deadly outcome. An explosion erupts once the "B" rank makes contact with the opponent, as well as the "A" rank, but does not need to get so close, but about two feet.
Drawback: This Jutsu should only be used once for one opponent, because once the opponent realizes what the attack does, it can be dodged (not blocked, and by no means is it easily evaded). In addition, if the user is not exact about the spin, it can completely miss the target, or even come at them once it hits the ground. When the user is holding the "A" rank of this Jutsu, they are vulnerable to attack, unable to use their hands.
Effect: "B" Rank: First the user has to concentrate their chakra to their dominate hand, and creates a sphere of flames. This fireball is approximately six inches in diameter. The ball begins to spin in one direction, and the user throws it toward the ground. Due to its spin, it will shoot into the same direction of the spin. This Jutsu will make it seem the user has wasted the Jutsu on poor aim by throwing it toward the ground, and it will bounce from the ground toward the opponent if done correctly. The Jutsu will cause terrible burns, because once it makes its connection it will burst into an explosion.
"A" Rank: The user must have two hands to do this rank of the Jutsu. The wielder must repeat the same tactics as in the "B" rank of the Jutsu, but instead add an extra amount of chakra into it. The spheres will advance to about the size of a basketball, and does not require to actually hitting the target, and instead it explodes upon coming within two feet.

Name: Fire Style: Hot Ash Breath
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu (Fire)
Chakra: 45
Damage Points: 40
Description: User forms the needed hand seals and focuses chakra to their throat and mouth. Inhaling, the user releases a large wave of steaming hot black ash from their mouth, out towards the opponent. The ash quickly covers an area of 10 meters wide and 20 meters in front of them, leaving the hot ash in a 30 meter Cone expelling from the user, 8 feet high into the air, in about 1 second. This ash hinders all sight while active, except DouJutsu. However only remains within the air for one turn (6 Seconds). This ash upon contact, will instantly burn whoever is caught within, leaving second degree burns (B Rank Damage) along the effected body parts. (Lasts for just one post.)

Name: Fuuton: Kaze Kiritori no Jutsu (Wind Release: Wind Cutting Technique)
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu (Wind)
Chakra: 40
Damage Points: 35
Description: A ninjutsu technique utilizing Fuuton, the Wind Release, the technique is performed by the user piecing together the correct handseals for the technique. Then, molding their chakra, they will release a number of small, inch-long spinning crescents of wind equaling five per difficulty class of the user. These tiny crescents of wind move around the user's legs, going in a circular fashion from the waist until they reach the bottom of the user's leg, where the sole of the foot touches the ground. The technique is used primarily in order to disable immobilizing techniques that have stricken the opponent from below.

Name: Fuuton: Kamikaze: (Wind Element: Divine Wind)
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu (Wind)
Chakra: 75
Damage Points: 65
Description: The user jumps up high into the air as they perform the handseals needed. Doing so they punch out forward towards the enemy, or kicks towards the enemy(ies) as a powerful wind jutsu is performed. A great and powerful wind technique comes forth as tornado winds is produced within a radius of twenty meters. A total of four miniature tornadoes within the radius reaching a grand height of twenty meters in the air spin around violently before enclosing in creating an even more devastating tornado technique. This technique sucks up debris all around to create a more powerful attack. An example would be a fire Jutsu being performed before hand as the Tornado uses the fire as a source creating a massive fiery tornado to destroy all from within. When the four Tornadoes joined into one devastating creation the tornado forms into a grand size of ten meters radius with a larger height of thirty meters.

Name: Fuuton: Chibikazebenso (Tiny Wind Defense)
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu (Wind)
Chakra: 75
Damage Points: 65 damage able to be defended against
Description: The user performs the handseals, thus coating their entire body in chakra. At that point, any time something tangible (minus whatever they’re walking on) gets within an foot of their body, a tiny burst of air will move out to block and try and displace the attack. This technique is used against object like techniques such as arrows, swords, or anything else materialistic in which is not a Jutsu. Reasons for this is because the burst of winds quickly rushes pushing out into the distance knocking all that gets close enough away from the user, to keep the user safe.

Name: Fuuton: Bakuhatsu no Kaze (Wind Release: Explosion of Wind)
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu (Wind)
Chakra: 90
Damage Points: 85
Description: One of the most powerful offensive techniques available to those who ascribe to the Wind Release, Bakuhatsu no Kaze is performed by channeling a great amount of rapidly compressed winds downwards into a tight ball. This ball will continue to condense upon itself until it is ready for use. When enough air has been condensed, the user will launch it forward. The technique moves quickly, making it difficult to dodge, and it can move forward at maximum thirty feet before exploding as if it achieved impact. Upon impact, the winds release themselves in a giant wave of slashing winds, ripping into whatever is in the area. After the explosion of wind has ceased, a large crater of about twenty meters is often the only thing left standing.

Name: Fuuton Fuuryuudan no Jutsu
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu (Wind)
Chakra: 95
Damage Points: 85
Description: After performing the handseals a great gust of wind is created as a great beast, a great dragon in huge like size is sent towards the opponent. The Dragon is formed, as it is launched flying towards the opponent within the distance of up to sixty meters. This creature is the size of five meters high, with the length of thirty meters. When making contact with the opponent the dragon cuts into the opponent, cutting while inside the dragon, and continues to cut the opponent as the dragon leaves the opponent. This technique is considered to be strong, as the opponent would be left with gaping wounds, non bleeding wounds for half a round before everything gushes out of the opponent as they fall dying by loss of blood and the excruciating pain. This technique is considered as a finisher.

Jutsu courtesy of the wonderful Jojo Kaguya

~The Story~

Family: None
In the course of human life, everyone has a story. Whether it be one of happiness or sadness, everyone has had experiences in their early life that they like to remember and that they can attribute to the person they are now. Except for Shuri. Shuri doesn't remember anything of his childhood. Mostly due to the fact that he's never truly cared about it. Shuri was abandoned by his mother at the Academy. To this day, he doesn't know anything about her and her reasoning for leaving him. Shuri was raised by many different people, including the Hokage, and under their instructions got very good grades. Shuri didn't care about becoming a tool for his village though, as he was only interested in literature and sciences. Science meaning he simply loved playing with dead bodies. While away on a mission, Shuri found a fresh corpse while his team mates were sleeping. He was instantly filled with curiosity towards how the body worked. He ripped the body up and studied it all night. When he returned to the village, he could think of nothing more than ways of how to find more bodies. It would be difficult due to the fact that Shuri frowned upon killing. He may have wished to dirty his hands with the blood of the dead, but never the blood of the living. He decided to become the village's undertaker. Surely he could conduct his experiments freely with such an occupation.

By the time he became a Chunin, he had begun studying under an undertaker who was extremely shady. He never revealed his true name and conducted experiments of his own. At first Shuri was excited by this fact, as he'd finally have someone who shared his interests. But one day Shuri found that the man was not satisfied by simply experimenting on the dead. Shuri found the man was kidnapping villagers and using them. He didn't know what the man was trying to accomplish, but sticking to his nature, Shuri stayed out of his way. It wasn't his buisness what happened to any of the villagers or the village. He would become a Jounin and have his dream of being an undertaker if he just stayed silent. One day, the old man asked Shuri to travel with him to the shores of the main land. Shuri obeyed. As they walked, he could notice the contrast between them. The man was old with white hair and red and black eyes while Shuri was young and had black hair with green double irises. They definetly differed in intentions as well. When they arrived, Shuri enjoyed the fresh sea air but it wasn't long before it was filled with the sounds of violence and struggling. The old man had attacked a green haired kunoichi from Konoha. She was knocked out and laid against the wall of a cave. Shuri was baffled by her beauty. You could almost say it was love at first sight. Shuri asked the old man with apprehenshion what he had planned for the girl, and he assured him in a devious tone that she would be fine.

It was an obvious lie, and it wasn't long before the girl was subjected to experiments which made her writhe in pain. Shuri watched this happen for many nights, and it was then that he finally felt the need to stop this. All the people he had watched being hurt by this man made him feel nothing, but this one girl made him feel the need to stop being indifferent. Before she passed out once more, she asked the man who he was but was unable to recieve an answer. Shuri had to stop him before she went through any more of this. He attacked the man but was easily knocked out himself, and was placed under similar experiments. But he managed to finally stab the man with a syringe that paralyzed him, and Shuri escaped carrying the green haired kunoichi. He collapsed just on the beach. Everything was blurry, and he found that his hair had turned white. He was afraid of the old man finding her again, so he ran away from her and created a false trail.

Many years later, Shuri finally realized his dream of becoming an undertaker, which he became soon after being promoted to Jounin. He learned many things and published many books as well as inventing many useful ninja tools. But his passion for research soon ran out. He was haunted by his mistake of letting the old man run about freely. But above all, he wondered about the girl he rescued. It was hard, but eventually he found her. She was as beautiful as ever and seemed perfectly healthy too. Her name was Jojo Kaguya. Shuri befriended her and they became close, but he never revealed to her how much he knew of her, for fear that she would hate him for allowing her to go through the torture she suffered. In time she became Hokage and asked him to be her direct assistant, a job he wasted no time in accepting.
Extra Information:
Shuri no longer experiments on the dead bodies he works with. He instead has changed his hobby to observing human nature, a topic he has also published a book about as well as a book of poetry thats slowly finding success.

~The Finals~

Alias: Shuri
Best Way to Contact: Pm's
RP Sample:
Shuri awoke the moment the sun hit him, Sunlight was something he usually strongly disagreed with but today he couldn't complain. The woman who Shuri cared for above all else was to become Hokage today. How sad it would be if the Sun weren't to attend her ceremony. Shuri sat up and looked around his house. It was sad and dreary, the way he loved it. The walls were dressed in black and the furniture was composed of bones that Shuri had collected from his work as the village undertaker. They were clean and free of disease of course.

But Shuri hadn't the time to dally. He needed to make haste lest this day go to waste. Jumping out of bed, he reached into a closet and outfitted himself in black robes and leather boots, adorned with straps that had no function, other than to look stunning. Onto his ears he inserted 6 earrings each and he let his long white hair fall over his face, to hide his piercing double irised eyes and the unsightly scar running from his chin to his forehead. Lastly, with his long black finger nails did he pick up a small floppy tophat, that could easily fall off with the merest breeze.

As the ceremony wasn't until later in the day, Shuri spent most of his day fufilling his main occupation, as even on a joyous day such as this, new members of the desceased needed to be examined, cleaned, and dressed in a handsome outfit, which they would wear to the last ceremony of their lives; their funeral. Walking into the funeral home, Shuri placed eyeglasses upon his face and slipped on a white coat. An assistant named Sogo handed him a clip board and ran him through his daily agenda. Cut, clean, dress. Simple enough.

During work, Shuri's thoughts driftted towards that of Ms. Kaguya. Before he had fallen for her, he had been so indifferent of the world. He could watch a murder take place without the slightest hint of emotion. The only thing that mattered to Shuri was anything that amused him. But since falling in love, he had been introduced to many things. Many feelings that he had not been able to comprehend before. And now that she was to become Hokage, Shuri would definitely have to care for the well-being of the village, a village that he saw only as a living space, or he would most liklely recieve and earful. What was becoming of him? What a queer thing love was.

Near the end of work, the body of a young male was wheeled in. A foreigner for sure. A spy perhaps? Or maybe even an assassin. Either way he was surely prepared to kill. But due to the lace of the presence of blood on his weapon, he obviously had not fufilled this goal. It was also quite clear that he became distracted due to a certain...erm...body part...that was striken with Rigor mortis. Curious of what had happened to this man, he asked Sogo for the identity of his killer. Sogo coughed and hesitantly replied "Um...it seems to have been the uh...future Hokage." Shuri stared blankly for a moment before turning around and shuddering. No wonder the man had fallen. He himself would have stood no chance in the same position.

The time of the inauguration had arrived, and Shuri found himself stuck in the traffic of pedestrains waiting to watch their new leader. He finally got close enough to see the woman of the hour, but everything was a blur due to his poor eyesight. He had left his glasses in his lab coat. In a hurry, Shuri navigated through the crowd and climbed to the top of the masion where the ceremony was taking place. By the time he had gotten to the top, a loud roar welcoming the new Kage had blown his hat off. Shuri walked closer to Jojo and admired her beauty, beauty that couldn't be ruined by a mssing eye or countless scars. Lifting the hair from his face, Shuri smiled and said happily, "Welcome, Lady Hokage."

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