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 Tetsu-mune Clan

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PostSubject: Tetsu-mune Clan   Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:07 pm

Tetsu-mune Clane

Kekkei Genkai:
The Tetsu-mune clans kekkei genkai is none other than magnet release. Members of the clan are able to convert their chakra into magnetic forces and can magnetize any metal object. Using this ability the clan members are able to wield things such as Iron sand or Gold dust in much the same way as Shukaku would wield sand. However, as a result of this magnetic chakra that they possess metal weapons won't have an effect on them due to the clan members being able to repel the object. Members of the clan can control any weapons in this magnetic field by simple arm movements.

There are several uses for this kekkei genkai. As stated above, to repel weapons such as swords and kunai, to wield very dangerous items such as Iron sand and gold dust and more. It is very deadly and is able to completely clog up puppets if you get the Iron sand or gold dust caught in the joints of the puppets.

Magnet release is a form of nature transformation or element - Jiton.

Clan Traits:
Dark Hair: Members of the clan have naturally dark hair, this is due to the effect of the sun revitalizing the vitamins in the hair of its members, hence the reason most of Sunagakure's shinobi have dark hair.

Tanned Skin: Members of the sand have tanned skin due to the intense heat of the sun on the village all day, everyday. These ultraviolet rays from the sun affect the cells in the skin and darken them

Will of Sand: Members of this clan are relentless, merciless and never give up, just like the desert never lightens up on it's sandstorms no matter who is in it. This will makes the members incredibly resilient and formidable foes and tremendous allies.


Home Village:Sunagakure no Sato & Iwagakure no Sato
Clan History:
The Tetsu-mune clan was born when a random studied the Shukaku very, very deeply. He studied it's sand related techniques and abilities and tried to do this himself, to no avail. After ten years he finally figured out a way on how to get the ability - or at the very least one like it, that could very well be more effective. All he would have to do was magnetize his chakra and turn it into a magnetic field. After this could be done he could manipulate any metal, his or his opponents, as he pleased that were in the vicinity.

He did this at first simply with kunai and shuriken, basic weaponry. After two years of this and realizing this was nothing like the Shukaku the now twenty two year old decided to be a little more experimental trying it with things such as iron sand or gold dust. Both were a resounding success.

Three years later this was considered to be the most fearsome technique in Sunagakure's history. As a result of this the twenty five year old was ask to become the very next Kazekage. He was number seven and was only twenty five, he was expecting his reign to last a very long time in which the village would remain safe and sound.


Clan Leader:Ranmaru Tetsu
Current Members:
  • Ranmaru Tetsu


Clan Bloodline Techniques/Jutsu:

Avalibility: Pm me with an rp sample to join.
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PostSubject: Re: Tetsu-mune Clan   Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:38 am

I don't normally approve clans before the founder actually has a character, but I'll make an exception here.


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Tetsu-mune Clan
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